Cover The Classic Fusion Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days Orlinski Sapphire with transparent smooth rubber straps

Besides linking arms with the biggest names in sports and motorsports, Hublot has also consistently worked with contemporary artists who unleash a new realm of possibilities

Apart from the iconic Big Bang watch, efficient Unico movement and proprietary Magic Gold metal alloy, Hublot is best known for the many partnerships that it has established over the years. Its Art of Fusion motto, a guiding principle for the brand’s operations, doesn’t just apply to product innovation—it also governs Hublot’s marketing efforts, which explains the extremely diverse nature of its collaborations, which include big names from motor racing and sports, to art and fashion.

Arguably, the most prominent partnerships are those rooted in sports, as evidenced by stellar names the brand has worked with: Usain Bolt, Pelé, as well as brands such as Ferrari, to name a few. With such influential names backing the resulting limited edition watches, success is pretty much a given, whether in terms of sales or impact. But lest we forget, Hublot has also produced some very well-received limited edition pieces that reflect its more cultured and artistic side, albeit in a bold and contemporary manner instead of going the refined and traditional route. The watchmaker has wisely chosen to align itself with a select group of modern art names who, besides being well-known in their field of work, have a style that melds well with its timepieces, be it a Big Bang or a Classic Fusion.

The Sang Bleu series, with two editions to date, is a notable example of how Hublot has managed to converge with an artist and emerge with watches that not only look great but also incorporate the designer’s aesthetic in a deeper way.

Yet, there are other partnerships that have proven that a straightforward approach can work like a charm too. Such is the alliance with French contemporary artist Marc Ferrero. When there is an artwork as iconic as his Lipstick painting, placing it front and centre of the Big Bang One Click watch is understandably the best way to express the nature of the piece. In true Hublot style, the finessing doesn’t stop at the dial—on the strap is a repeated motif formed out of an outline of the woman depicted on the dial, while blue topazes or red spinels set on the bezel act as a dazzling frame for the art piece.

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Then, there are the sculptural, artistic limited edition creations that demonstrate the diversity of the forms that art can take. Richard Orlinski, a French contemporary artist whose immense, pop art-style animal sculptures are seen around the world, has joined hands with Hublot since 2017. The first launch to drop from the partnership was the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski, which combines the sporty watch with Orlinski’s signature faceted sculpturing technique, applied across the front of the case.

Subsequently, Hublot launched the same chronograph in red, green and blue ceramic, displaying its expertise in producing coloured ceramic, while at the same time referencing the colours seen on Orlinski’s most famous sculptures. This year, another six models are added to the partnership—this time, the faceting has been extended to the dial, creating an interesting three-dimensional look.

In particular, what caught our eye is the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Power Reserve 5 Days Orlinski, which comes available in sapphire, King Gold or ceramic, and is limited to 30 pieces worldwide each. On top of faceting, Orlinski also brings to the table the artistic technique of openworking, which he regularly employs in his Born Wild artworks. As a result, the watch boasts an ultra-modern openworked architecture on its dial, which showcases its gears and tourbillon cage, and sleek matte bars with inward-pointing angles. Despite their artistic influences, the King Gold and black ceramic versions of the tourbillon exude sportiness and sophistication at the same time. The sapphire variant, on the other hand, somehow looks like a piece of modern art on the wrist, especially with its transparent smooth rubber strap.

Art has indeed made surprisingly cool canvases out of Hublot’s signature watches, with each of its partner artists expressing their unique aesthetic in their own ways. While they are all different, they share something intrinsically similar—that unapologetically bold quality that every Hublot timepiece carries. 

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