We reveal details on the renowned Japanese artist's first timepiece collaboration with luxury watchmaker Hublot

Japanese artist and frequent fashion collaborator Takashi Murakami has stepped into the realm of fine watchmaking with a creative partnership with Hublot. His iconic flower motif, which comes with a smiley face, now appears on a Classic Fusion watch dial.

Unlike the vibrant and colourful flower that we have come to know, the smiling flower on this watch exudes a luxurious sheen in black diamonds. There is a total of 456 brilliant-cut diamonds set into the petals and 107 set into the face. While the dial is fixed to the sapphire glass, the petals are mobile, thanks to a ball-bearing system created by Hublot's engineers. The twirling petals lend a whimsical touch to the monochromatic watch with a black ceramic case and rubber strap. The watch is powered by an automatic movement.

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Tatler Asia
Above Takashi Murakami at the Hublot manufacture in Nyon, Switzerland (Photo: Hublot)
Tatler Asia
Above Classic Fusion with Murakami's smiling flower crafted in black diamonds (Photo: Hublot)
Tatler Asia
Above A smiling flower sculpture (Photo: Hublot)

Murakami was initially hesitant to collaborate with a watch company for creative reasons. "I will only collaborate if I can be fully involved," he said.

So it was a surprise that when Hublot extended an invitation for him to work with its team at its factory, he came away impressed by what he saw.

"When I visited the Hublot manufacture in Switzerland for the first time, I realised to what extent the traditional know-how, precision, futuristic technology and craftsmanship were all intertwined in the creation of a watch. Bringing my art into the creativity of these watchmakers represents a unique adventure for me."

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