Cover Luminor Marina DMLS 44mm PAM01662 by Panerai (Photo: Courtesy of Panerai)

These timepieces are colourful, skeletonised, and one even glows in the dark. This is why we love them

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Grande Seconde Skelet-One by Jaquet Droz

There is nothing cooler than an open-worked or skeletonised watch, which is when craftsmen reveal a timepiece’s complicated inner workings, publicly exposing its glory to every Tom, Dick and Harry who appreciates good old-fashioned watchmaking. Numerous watchmakers have embraced the skeleton watch and Jaquet Droz jumped on the trend back in 2018 with its Grande Seconde Skelet-One.

This year, the model has been revamped with plasma ceramic, which is made by treating white ceramic with heated gas. The resulting case is as hard, lightweight and as scratch-resistant as anything on the market.

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Luminor Marina DMLS 44mm PAM01662 by Panerai

Panerai is marking the 70th anniversary of its glow-in-the-dark watches, which, back in the day, were painted with a radium paste called Radiomir. This practice was discontinued because of Radiomir’s, well... potentially lethal gamma rays. It’s since been replaced with a completely safe alternative, Super-Luminova X1, which has been applied to three super-cool 44mm versions of the new Luminor Marina. The DMLS model comes with a titanium case that’s made using 3D printing with a high-power laser.

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Glashütte Original 2020 Sixties Edition

It was before my time, but the 1960s sound like a jolly good decade. Bursting with colour, drama and international collaboration, it was also a superb time for watchmaking. A soaring demand for casual timepieces ensured steady growth and constant innovation, and we were all blissfully unaware of the looming disaster that was the quartz crisis (thanks for nothing, Generation Me!).

This probably explains why Glashütte Original’s 2020 Sixties Edition, complete with a “glacier blue” dial, hits all my sweet spots. Glashütte has released colourful additions to its Sixties collection since 2018, and this wrist-friendly 39mm version is another worth coveting.

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