Cover Chen Man wears Piaget’s Limelight Gala with a gold Milanese mesh strap (Photo: Courtesy of Piaget)

The renowned photographer on success and why she collaborated with Piaget for the maison’s Extraordinary Women campaign

What does photography mean to you?

People always ask me that question. To me, photography is about sharing that precious split second with someone else. It could be an object, a scene or a moment of eternal togetherness; an ever-lasting moment.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

My father used to paint big advertisements. Back then, there was no printing or photography. Everything was done by hand. Watching him inspired me to learn how to paint. Then I dabbled in graphic design before finally settling on photography.

What was it like working with Piaget on its Extraordinary Women campaign?

There were so many celebrities involved, who came from all around the world to participate in this exciting shoot. The atmosphere was great.

As a fashion photographer, what are you most proud of?

My generation has witnessed so much and my industry is constantly evolving thanks to technology. We’ve broken down so many communication barriers.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m really into technology and digital products. I buy a lot of electronics.

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