Cover Limited to 88 pieces, Laureato Absolute Wired is the first exclusive on Girard-Perregaux's new e-commerce site

Limited to only 88 pieces, the special edition Laureato watch will be available for purchase exclusively on its new e-commerce site

Distinguished by its octaganol bezel, Girard-Perregaux's Laureato collection introduced the Absolute model in 2019, adding an unmistakable sporty element to a predominantly casual / formal chic collection. This year, the line is enhanced with the Laureato Absolute Wired, which boasts a carbon glass for its case. The high tech material is composed of layers of carbon fibre and fibreglass that have been subjected to extreme temperature and pressure, and then milled to the desired shape.

The result of this manipulation is the appearance of textured effect, with the bezel enriched with electric blue shine. Apart from the futuristic aesthetics, the material is also extremely durable and light—it weighs only 94g.

Powered by an in-house automatic movement, the chronograph pushers are fashioned out of titanium with blue borders. Completing the look is strap of a specific type of rubber that is strong, flexible and feels more comfortable on the wrist.

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All the hard work was for a good reason: to commemorate the launch of Girard-Perregaux's e-commerce platform. While online shopping has become the norm, this consumption method remains a rarity in the luxury watch industry. 

“Despite turning 230 years old Girard-Perregaux has no intention of remaining stuck in the past. In fact, launching e-commerce is just one of the many moves Girard-Perregaux will make in 2021 that reflects our philosophy of constant improvement and striving to maintain a competitive edge," says CEO Patrick Pruniaux.

The e-commerce site is currently available in the UK and US only, but there are plans to roll it out to other countries. And since all 88 pieces of the Laureato Absolute Wired can only be purchased on this platform, it only makes the watch more collectible than it already is.

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