Cover The Vanguard Rose Skeleton features a sublime colour on its roses that can only be achieved in the hands of a skilled artisan (Photos: Franck Muller)

Intricately skeletonised with the dial decorated with roses and leaves, the Franck Muller Vanguard Rose Skeleton watch is the perfect elegant companion for modern women

We all have that one thing that we absolutely won’t leave the house without. Whether we are out and about or shuttling between our numerous appointments, Franck Muller’s new manual-winding Vanguard Rose Skeleton ladies' watch is poised to be that perfect companion.

At a glance, the Vanguard Rose Skeleton’s intricately skeletonised design charms you with its exquisite combination of beautiful roses and sparkling diamonds. With roses and leaves that seem to grow naturally out of the carved bridges on the front as well as on the back, the watch's design showcases the watchmaker’s prowess in creating attractive timepieces that speak to modern women. 

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Admire not only the stunning juxtaposition of roses, leaves and diamonds but also the marvellous combination of design and function in the timepiece. In fact, the roses, which are painstakingly painted by hand by an artisan in Genthod, Switzerland, on the openworked dial are far from just being ornamental. They are actually essential for the watch’s mechanism.

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Serving as bridges and plates, the beautifully painted or diamond-set petals enhance the structural integrity of the entire in-house calibre FM1540 VS15, which boasts a generous power reserve of about four days. This underlines the capabilities of the artisans and watchmakers at the marque to be able to meld functionality with aesthetics. A good demonstration of the brand’s technical prowess, the Vanguard Rose Skeleton is instantly transformed into a romantic horological bouquet with the beautiful floral theme. 

Despite the ingenuity behind the combination of design and watchmaking, the Vanguard Rose Skeleton is made for everyday wear. Boasting a splendidly slim profile, curved case back, and supple hand-sewn alligator strap, this 32 mm timepiece is modern yet refined, endowing the wrist of its wearer with both elegance and style.

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Available in either white or rose gold with diamonds on the bezel, the Vanguard Rose Skeleton comes in a wide array of colours—perfect for wearing a different one on a different day or simply to match the mood for the day. There is even a special version known as the Vanguard Rose Skeleton Color Dreams, of which all variants boast multiple colours on the different dial elements—an ode to the brand's trademarked Color Dreams combination. 

Simply put, the Vanguard Rose Skeleton is an enchanting piece for everyone. Whether you are a fan of dazzling diamonds, pops of happy colours or a classic icon in the Vanguard case on your wrist, Franck Muller has at least one Vanguard Rose Skeleton that will catch your eye and captivate your heart.

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