Chaumet had a specific woman in mind when they designed the Boléro watch: dynamic, distinct and stylish. In a powerful campaign, the brand features some of Hong Kong's most inspiring ladies

The world has transformed dramatically in the last two years. Women have since become more confident and felt bolder about asserting their rights–and now they demand to be heard. As a result, women's taste in luxury and beauty has also somehow changed, as they turn to brands that support these needs in an era where we are redefining what it means to be a successful woman.

One such brand is Chaumet, which in line with the launch of its new watch collection for ladies, Boléro, has collaborated with some of the most remarkable women in Hong Kong for its “Successful Women, Redefined” campaign.

Celebrating femininity, strength, ambition and beauty, one notable ambassador for this campaign is Emily Lam-Ho, CEO and founder of Empact 28, and co-founder of EcoDrive Hong Kong. She is passionate about creating a sustainable world for her children. “Choices are made every day,” she says. “You dream, you build, you make time to achieve your goals. I make time to create a sustainable future for the next generation.”

Then there is Joanna Lui Hickox, an entrepreneur whose words are equally inspiring. “As a woman with different hats, people try to define what I do and who I am. But I choose to push the boundaries of the expected. I think the most important thing is to stay grounded, human, and relatable to others. We can dream, we can do and achieve great things, but those who do so and remain humble, remain students, remain grateful and true to themselves, are those that I can aspire to.”

Another Chaumet ambassador is René Chu, a renowned eyewear designer, who says, “Inspiration in design can come at any moment—that is why I choose to live curiously, honestly and fearlessly. I encourage people to embrace their distinction.”

Through Boléro, Chaumet has captured the ethos of these women beautifully. Simple and elegant; bold and confident; powerful and ambitious; creative and brave. Aesthetically, the Boléro feel closer to a piece of jewellery than a watch, thanks to a circular bezel, sweeping profile, and pared-down dial.

Crafted with a fluid, gold mesh bracelet, the piece is dazzling enough to wear to an evening event, while its second-skin suppleness and lightness mean it is also ideal for everyday wear. Its jewellery delicacy is found in every detail, including the sculptural crown and a gem clasp that shimmers in the light.

As well as Ho, Hickox and Chu, other women pictured wearing the Boléro watch in Chaumet’s glossy campaign are at the peak of their careers—renowned violinists, ballerinas, fashion designers and CEOs. They have been featured because today, fashion is about so much more than attaining an ideal of feminine beauty. It is about women who are standing up and telling us exactly who they are—and changing the world while they do so.

Above Video: Courtesy of Chaumet

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