The new watch collection is inspired by masculine codes but designed wholly for women.

With innovation as the name of the game, Chanel has unveiled the velvet cloth off its next collection in its well-known watch line.

The new series, called the Boy.Friend watch, is an evolution of the Première watches and a realisation of the fashion concept which the timepiece is named after. It also represents a salute to founder Coco Chanel and her larger than life character, which continues to be personified by current creative director Karl Lagerfeld in his own distinctive manner.

Although envisioned and designed exclusively for women, the watch has a dash of masculinity thanks to its relaxed look and larger profile. Its inspiration undeniably hails from men’s fashion codes, where Chanel has a long history and a knack for twisting the elements of a man’s wardrobe to make it aesthetically feminine.

The new Boy.Friend watch comes in two wearable sizes, large and extra large (XL), with each size offering slight variations that look elegant enough to match a variety of women’s wear fit for many occasions.

The XL variant comes in 37 x 28.60mm and is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement as well as a small seconds counter at the 6 o’clock. The large version comes with a quartz movement, measures 34.60 x 26.70mm and has a small date counter at the 6 o’clock in lieu of the seconds counter.

Octagon shaped, the housing design of the watch becomes instantly familiar to fans of Chanel due to its familiarity to the company’s iconic N°5 perfume bottle and to Place Vendôme, which holds special meaning to both the brand as well as the founder.

Chanel’s Boy.Friend watch is a mature yet youthful statement for women, captivating first-time viewers with its dashing looks that will stand the test of time. Sophisticated enough to accompany a lady to a formal party yet playful enough be worn during a weekend outing with friends, its good looks will take you anywhere, no matter the time of day or dress code.

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