Cover Breguet hosts a pop-up at K11 Musea to celebrate 220th anniversary of the Tourbillon (Photo: Courtesy of Breguet)

Making its first debut in Hong Kong for the pop-up is the Classique Double Tourbillon Quai de l'Horloge watch, one in a limited edition series that's still hasn't been sold

The Tourbillon is one of the greatest watchmaking complications of all time, it's an exquisite mechanism of unrivalled complexity and the pinnacle of watchmaking art. The creation lies at the heart of a genuine human adventure, showcased by its creator Abraham-Louis Breguet and his House.

To mark the 220th anniversary of the Tourbillon, Breguet joins hands with K11 Musea to host a pop-up, Breguet: Inventor of the Tourbillon to share the Tourbillon stories, featuring virtual voice navigating guided by radio host Maria Tang.

The pop-up also puts the brand's spectacular Tourbillon timepieces on display, including the Classique Double Tourbillon 5345 Quai de l'Horloge worth HK$5 million, making its debut in Hong Kong. The watch is one in a limited edition series and the last remaining one that hasn't been sold.

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The pop-up takes place at the Gold Ball—an iconic artistic structure that features a unique industrial design and serves as a perfect complement to the Tourbillon—from June 23 to July 13. Reminiscent of a Tourbillon carriage, the Gold Ball welcomes visitors with a beautiful enlarged Tourbillon model at the entrance and leads them to go on a magnificent tour of detailed history and Breguet Tourbillon creations.

Abraham-Louis Breguet only sold 35 Tourbillon watches in his lifetime. It may seem like a small figure but it hints at the extreme complexity involved in producing the unique mechanism. While it was patented in 1801, its development took less than 10 years of experimentation and research in the years spanning from 1795 to 1805. Breguet chose the name, Tourbillon, for the double rotation of the cage and its parts in reference to the long-forgotten notion of a planetary system.

Throughout its 220-year legacy, Breguet's clients including featured monarchs such as Geroge III and Geroge IV of England as well as prominent European personalities. You can find all that and more at the Breguet x K11 Musea pop-up.

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Breguet: Inventor of the Tourbillon Pop-Up runs from June 23 to July 13, 2021 at 11 am to 8 pm in Gold Ball, 2/F, K11 Musea.