What are the main personality traits that leaders need to possess? Together with Audemars Piguet, we present six important attributes exhibited by powerful women

Women today are multi‑faceted, independent and are a powerhouse both at home and at work.

But with society evolving faster than ever, challenges faced are also changing and of different magnitude compared to those that the earlier generation tackled against. 

To that end, we present a visual extravaganza of six different personality traits a modern woman displays and how it helps them to take on the difficulties and issues they face as well as attain success in what they do.

This is inspired by Audemars Piguet's recent Be Yourself campaign, in which acclaimed London-born photographer Harley Weir explores how a watch or a couture gown shows a woman's personality and free-spirited attitude. That is why for this fashion spread, we gave each personality trait a visual representation complete with a trendy outfit, as well as a complementary Royal Oak watch by Audemars Piguet, to bring forth the characteristics.  

Trait #1 Passion
Being good at your job is just one part of the equation: what clinches the deal, more often than not, is a palpable sense of passion. Nothing says “I mean business” more than a sassy red suit paired with a Royal Oak Selfwinding Chronograph 38 mm, which both exude a commanding, discerning and assertive presence in one sleek gesture. 

Trait #2 Optimism
Life throws one too many curveballs but a good dollop of optimism and hope can help us overcome challenges, making life, hopefully, beautiful again. This sparkling good spirit is embodied in the Royal Oak Frosted Gold Selfwinding 34 mm. Achieved by Italian jeweller Carolina Bucci using a special technique, the watch’s white gold surface has a shimmery effect, reminiscent of the sparkle of a precious gemstone. 

Trait #3 Calmness 
An important trait of a wise leader is resilience in the face of challenge. Instead of approaching a dire situation impulsively, a commanding leader inspires the team with calm, level-headed guidance. This composure is reflected in the design aesthetics of the Royal Oak Selfwinding 34mm—the elegance of the pink gold case and bracelet is greatly enhanced by the allure of the diamond-studded bezel. 

Trait #4 Confidence 
Femininity need not be mistaken for gentleness—there are times when a situation needs a commanding presence, and there’s nothing like a sleek black suit paired with the two-tone Royal Oak Selfwinding 34mm to give us that inner dose of self-confidence to rule a boardroom full of conflicting opinions. 

Trait #5 Enthusiasm 
To lead effectively is to influence. And one simply cannot effect change without fully believing in their own convictions, and conveying these with enthusiasm and fortitude. Audemars Piguet has long demonstrated this tenet with its collection of bold timepieces, such as this Royal Oak Selfwinding 34mm created for daintier wrists. 

Trait #6 Gutsy
Sometimes, all it takes is guts and gumption to shrug off negativity and have the courage to take that risk. Put your game face on, slip on a bold fashionable statement and the Royal Oak Selfwinding 34mm—after all, one needs to look good to feel good.

  • Content DirectionTerence Lim
  • PhotographyDarren Gabriel Leow
  • StylingJoey Tan
  • HairMarc Teng
  • Make-UpBobbie Ng
  • Photographer's AssistantHalid
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