More than just a watch, the Chanel  J12-XS is a statement piece that lets you express yourself in these 5 ways.

The greatest watchmakers in the world often spend years pushing the boundaries of watch design, movements and complications, without putting much thought into how you wear your watch – after all, a watch either goes on your wrist, fits in your pocket, or, in some creative circumstances is worn around your neck.

Chanel however, isn’t content with just creating a beautiful timepiece; the fashion house has put extra thought into offering more than one way to show off that timepiece to not only match your outfit and the occasion, but personality and style as well. More than just a watch, the J12-XS is a statement piece that lets you express yourself in these 5 ways.

Chanel J12-XS

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Most days, you just want to wear a watch. The Chanel J12-XS  is available in either a black or white  ceramic and steel case with diamonds set in the flange.  Measuring at just 19 mm, there's no need to wonder what the 'XS' stands for. A beauty by itself, the watch allows for high fashion to take it to another level.

Small Cuff

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Several different kinds of cuffs add a little flair to the watch. The standard slim cuff comes in either white or black calfskin wrapped around highly durable steel. The thicker cuffs are one-off pieces that are available either studded with diamonds around the edges or with hand-embroidered black sequins by Lesage.

Large Cuff

Chanel J12XS 3.jpg(source)

A lot less discreet than its slimmer counterpart, the large cuff brings a touch of chic to swords and sandals accessories – think: Wonder Woman meets… well, Gal Gadot. The large cuff is made from similar material but has additional reasons to shine courtesy of the diamond loops set along each strap.


Chanel J12XS 5.jpg(source)

Moving from the wrist further down to the hand, the glove now doubles as an accessory to your watch as well your outfit. Choose from either the short lambskin glove pictured above, a short glove embroidered by Lesage or go for the long embroidered gloves that reach to your elbow.


Chanel J12XS 4.jpg(source)

This one-off piece puts “19 mm” into perspective. Although I wouldn’t dare use it as an engagement ring, there’s enough white gold and diamonds on this ring/watch to make it a perfect anniversary gift. Not only is it a discreet watch, but also practical when you’re sporting anything with long sleeves.

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