Cover The Grande Seconde by Jaquet Droz (Photo: Jensen Hoi)

The Grande Seconde is Jaquet Droz's most iconic wristwatch

Jaquet Droz presents its most iconic wristwatch with an inky-blue opal dial that’s mottled with flecks of green. This one-of-a-kind Grande Seconde Tourbillon is based on a historic pocket watch designed by the brand’s founder, Pierre Jaquet-Droz. Since its 2002 unveiling, the Grande Seconde has become Jaquet Droz’s most recognisable model thanks to its classic design. We really like this one, and are jealous of the connoisseur who is able to add it to his or her collection.

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1. Tourbillon

A mechanical tourbillon movement with a power reserve of seven days powers this Grande Seconde. Invented back in 1795, during the era of the pocket watch, the tourbillon was first created to prevent gravity from pulling on a watch’s time-telling mechanisms.

2. 1.76

Crafted from red gold, the 39mm case is covered with white diamonds that weigh a total of 1.76 carats. The applied ring features 350 and the buckle is set with 32.

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3. Opal

Opals are one of the world’s most sought-after gemstones but are rarely used by watchmakers. The opal dial of this Grande Seconde is dazzling blue and perfectly complements a mother-of-pearl sub-dial.

4. 18

The case and oscillating weight are made using 18-karat red and white gold, respectively. Metals such as zinc, copper and nickel are mixed with the pure gold (about 25 per cent) so it’s harder and more durable than its 24-karat counterpart.

5. 30

As hard-wearing as it is handsome, this wristwatch boasts a water resistance of 30 metres, but we wouldn’t recommend wearing it to do laps—a timepiece like this should be cherished.

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