Romain Jerome's obsession with 80's and 90's pop culture hits all the right notes through exciting collaborations with DC's Batman and Namco's Pac-Man, just to name a few.

Known for its peculiar, eccentric, and downright unique timepieces, Romain Jerome has definitely set the bar when it comes to a particular style of watches made only for the most fearless of watch wearers and collectors alike.

With already four different collections and plenty of variations under its belt, Romain Jerome has steadily become one of the most sought-after watches for collectors due to its bold and adventures take on timepieces.

Romain Jerome has already received plenty of success through its Earth | EYJAFJALLAOKULL, Air | Moon, and Sea | Titanic collections which has truly set themselves apart from many other watchmakers.

Check the slider below to view – what we deem – some of their timepieces every collector should have and every watch enthusiast would want to own.


With ‘Back to the Future’ being a commercial success in the late 80’s and early 90’s, it was no wonder Romain Jerome decided to pay tribute to one of the most popular time travel movies that almost shaped how we were supposed to live our lives today.

Only 30 pieces were made for the ‘DeLorean Burnout’ which just makes it all the more exclusive and much harder to obtain.

The brushed stainless steel bezel contains components from the original bodywork of a DeLorean sports car, giving eccentric fans out there that are not only avid watch collectors but also fans of the series something to really shout about. The small seconds counter was inspired by the car’s dashboard while its asphalt effect dial was taken after the asphalt on the road surface.


Inspired by the popular and timeless arcade game back in the 80’s, the Pac-Man timepiece by Romain Jerome comes with two levels, similar to the video game.

The black 3D dial comes with the maze you will find in the video game alongside the pixelated characters and power-ups. With only 20 pieces made, this is one of the more exclusive watches Romain Jerome has produced.

The first timepiece shows Pac-Man alongside the 4 legendary ghosts – Blinky (Red), Pinky (Pink), Inky (Blue), and Clyde – as well as the power-up, cherries. The second timepiece introduces Pac-Man in the same setting as the first but instead of using cherries like the first level in Pac-Man, the second timepiece uses strawberries, exactly like the video game.

Space Invaders Ultimate Edition

Another popular arcade game back in the 80’s, Space Invaders was a classic and timeless video game that kept players entertained and annoyed for hours on end. With only five pieces made, the Space Invaders Ultimate Edition also comes with five different colours, mainly white, red, green, yellow, and blue. The 3D pixelated dial features the space invader shooting at an alien spacecraft.


This popular Russian tile-matching puzzle video arcade game was released in the 80’s, alongside Pac-Man and Space Invaders. With Romain Jerome and its fixation towards video games, it was only a matter of time until its version of Tetris was also added to its list.

The dial of the watch showcases engraved bricks of different colours in a “Clou de Paris” formation with the design of the original tetris format displayed.

Spacecraft: Batman

The recently introduced collaboration with DC’s own caped crusader is steadily becoming the most iconic watch to ever be introduced by Romain Jerome as all 75 pieces made are already sold off.

Although sporting a similar design to the original Spacecraft timepiece, the Batman-inspired design comes with a black and blue finish on the buffalo strap as well as an engraved Bat-Signal with a rough finish over the black PVD-coated titanium case.

The linear retrograde hour hand is indicated by a blue-lacquered cursor which will hover over every hour on display while the minute hand is indicated by a black disc with a white indicator.

(Source & Pictures: Romain Jerome Official Website)

Aside from numerous pop culture references, Romain Jerome also has a collection dedicated to the Titanic.