Cover Belgian athlete Nafi Thiam wearing RM 07-01 Automatic Carbon TPT set with baguette diamonds

The revolutionary watchmaker is turning heads with its innovations for feminine models RM07-01 and RM 037

If there is one thing that makes Richard Mille's watches stand out from the rest, it is the use of NTPT (North Thin Ply) carbon for their cases. A material originally developed for racing yachts, it became something of a bragging right for Richard Mille when it successfully introduced it into watchmaking. A signature for its men's watches, it is composed of very thin layers of carbon filaments layered at a 45-degree angle, producing a wave-like pattern on the surface; the composition also makes it extremely durable.

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Today, NTPT carbon has also found its way into the women's collections. But how does one make something utilitarian appealing to a lady? Here are the ways:

A bracelet in carbon TPT

In a stunning showcase of strength and beauty, Richard Mille has chosen to debut its first carbon TPT bracelet in the RM 07-01 Ladies Automatic. The result of 13 months research and development, the bracelet is made up of dozens of carbon plates connected to a titanium support via spline screws, allowing the bracelet to be supple and rigid at the same time.

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Setting diamonds on carbon

The black industrial appearance of carbon TPT is given a touch of glam with diamonds. One would think this would be an easy process but the hardness and resistance of carbon renders the usual gem-setting technique useless. Instead, a special CNC machine fitted with diamond tools is required to perform the task. It's a tedious, meticulous process but the dazzling results that you can see in the pictures above, are well worth it. 

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Paired with gold

Ladies, meet gold carbon TPT, a luxurious hybrid that introduces sheets of gold in between carbon layers. A skill that demands immense know-how and dexterity, the shine of noble gold makes a striking contrast against the black.

Likening it to a jewel box, the watches also feature a series of black onyx at the centre of the dial for a brilliant flourish. 

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