Cover Cartier Mini Mysterious Clock in yellow and set with cabochons on three sides

The French house's pioneering mysterious movement is updated with the emblematic panther motif

Created in the early 20th century for a clock, the mysterious movement was the brainchild of watchmaker Maurice Couët and has since become one of Cartier's most captivating inventions. Inspired by illusionist Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, Couët invented an innovative system that allowed two hands to appear suspended in mid-air on a transparent dial, seemingly operating without the aid of any mechanism, which has been cleverly hidden from sight. Hence, the mystery.

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This year, the movement is translated into three clocks, scaled down versions of the original clock at 109mm x 75.6mm x 40mm. Each Mini Mysterious Clock is a work of pure luxury.

The circular enamel dial, for instance, is framed by diamond-set bezel; the hour markers at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock are in either yellow sapphires or baguette diamonds. They are set on a rock crystal with engraved gold and enamel plates adorn with grooves. This is mounted on an obsidian base, and here's where the familiar Cartier panther resides. Executed in the fashion house's exacting standards, the panther boasts diamond fur (a total of 421 brilliant-cut diamonds), onyx spots and an emerald eye.

It comes in three colour options—yellow, blue and pink. Each clock, which takes two years to complete, is a unique piece, making it the perfect statement piece in your home.

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