Cover Denise Ho & Ingrid Chen wear Tiffany & Co.’s T1 Jewellery. (Photo: Affa Chan/Tatler Hong Kong)

Style sisters Denise Ho & Ingrid Chen wear Tiffany & Co.’s T1 Jewellery as they share personal triumphs

The Tiffany T1 collection is inspired by “women who are at the forefront of change and are powerful voices in their communities”, says Reed Krakoff, the legendary New York jewellery house’s chief artistic officer. “We wanted to design something that really felt bold, strong and inspired by their strength.”

Tatler embraces this collection’s underlying message with “T1 Triumphs,” a campaign that celebrates individual styles, the milestones and manifestos that have helped define them, and the unique sisterhoods that carry them through.

In an exclusive conversation with Tatler, the duo jokes that they’ve been together “through thick and thin”, a witty reference to their shared baby bump journey when Ingrid was pregnant with her second child while Denise was simultaneously pregnant with her first.

Denise and Ingrid both possess a seasoned portfolio of accomplishments within the fashion industry, but they share much more than that–the two friends are both passionate about vintage fashion, the triumphs of motherhood, and the allure of classic jewellery pieces that last.

Crafted in 18k rose, white and yellow gold (and with several unique designs featuring pavé diamonds), every piece in the Tiffany T1 collection intends to serve as an eternal style staple that easily blends with one’s personal, signature style. Denise is a self-proclaimed lover of yellow-gold, while her style-sister Ingrid has a strong affinity for rose-gold pieces—a testament to how different metals appeal to different tastes.

When it comes to going through motherhood, however, the two women seem to operate in perfect simpatico. Ingrid says, “We connect also because both of us, as moms, still pursue what we want to do in our careers and who we are in our visions of that."

“There’s no perfect way of being a good mother. Everyone is so different,” adds Denise. “Sometimes you feel alone and sometimes you feel like you’re doing it with other people.” The most important thing, in her opinion, is having “that support system, that circle of trust”.

With their shared interests, devotion to familial and professional pursuits, and a friendship that has been nurtured for decades, it is no wonder that these two women often turn to each other—and to other women in their “circle of trust”—to share, celebrate, and empower one another.

In partnership with Tiffany & Co., Tatler Hong Kong will host a private event at Tatler House to celebrate this idea of personal triumphs and sisterhood with an intimate group of women, with special guests Denise Ho and Ingrid Chen. Guests will be invited to explore the Tiffany T1 collection with their own “style sisters” to discover what pieces mix-and-match best with their everyday personal style, and share with other guests what personal triumphs have made them who they are today. Who knows, maybe a new circle of trust will be formed at this event.

Here are some of Denise and Ingrid’s favourites from the collection:

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