Cover Michelle Miller-Erb, Emelda Wong-Trainor, Jess Jan, Athena Hsu, Pearl Shek, Christy Liang, Denise Ho, Ingrid Chen-Mandonnaud, Natasha Moor, Raven Tao and Thierry Chow (Photo: Anna Koustas for Tatler Hong Kong)

A private jewellery preview event co-organised by Tatler Hong Kong and Tiffany & Co. at the Tatler House

According to Denise Ho and Ingrid Chen, Tatler Hong Kong isn’t afraid to ask the “deep questions”.

On Thursday, October 22nd, Tatler and Tiffany & Co. came together to host a diverse group of accomplished women at a private “T1 Triumph” event in Tatler House—an initiative designed to foster meaningful connections and conversations while surrounded by beautiful jewellery. 

Above Videography: Kevin Cheung/Tatler Hong Kong

Guests not only had the exclusive opportunity to style themselves with Tiffany’s T1 collection and other high jewellery pieces from the brand, but also managed to explore fun yet relevant topics such as confidence, self-expression and personal triumphs in an intimate setting through our “Tiffany’s Box of Questions” game, while nibbling on delectable treats from The Tiffany Blue Box Café and Café Grey Deluxe.

In addition to guests of honour Denise Ho and Ingrid Chen, other attendees included Cara Li, Christy Liang, Laura Cheung, Natasha Moor, Pearl Shek, Thierry Chow and Yvonne Fong.

See the full event gallery below.

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