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To be the best, Tiffany Chan must push herself mentally and physically, spending time on the golf course to perfect her craft. But when the clock is about to strike midnight, the 27-year-old professional golfer finds inspiration in the colours and chaos of Hong Kong at night

This vibrant city encourages the golfer to dream big and keep challenging herself to reach new heights. It is in what Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet calls the “11.59 moment,” the exciting minute that changes everything, that Tiffany Chan finds balance.

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Chan picked up her first golf club when she was just four years old. Granted, it was made of plastic, but in that minute she showed an interest in the sport she would ultimately dedicate her life to. Today, come rain or shine, the professional golfer spends the day at the driving range. “Talent is one thing, but spending the time so that you get there is another,” she says. “You’ve got to do what normal people won’t do or can’t do.”

That means following a strict diet and schedule. She wakes up at 5:30 am each morning to stretch and train with her coach, and travels between 30-40 weeks of the year for the sport. She’s currently living in Las Vegas, where she plays for the University of Southern California, perfecting her craft by becoming stronger, fitter and even more mentally driven. “I feel like I gain something every day. Each moment, each day is the biggest improvement I could get.”

Golf, she says, is all about “how we grind it out and keep going. It’s like life, you have to accept the weather changes, the different golf courses and it depends on decisions.” In a single minute, these can change the trajectory of a game. Chan is the first Hong Kong golfer to qualify for the LPGA Tour. “I have a goal, I have a dream,” she says. “I want to be the best in the world, it might be too early to say that right now but I think if I don’t even dream of being the world’s best female golfer, I will never be able to do it.”

The sport is mentally demanding, requiring a stillness and attentiveness that the 27-year-old looks to counterbalance in her vibrant hometown of Hong Kong. With its bright lights and cacophony of sounds, Chan says the city’s buzz and energy provides the turbulence she needs to feel grounded.

"There’s no time limit,” she says, “If you want to hang out until late, Hong Kong is the best place.” The city helps her evolve from the determined person and athlete that she is during the day, into the dreamer who hopes to be the best female professional golfer in the world.

Constantly on the brink of tomorrow

The professional golfer’s Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet Selfwinding reflects the balance in Tiffany Chan’s life. At the driving range, she’s meticulous, steady and mindful, taking care of every move she makes. But when she leaves at the end of the day to explore the city in which she was raised, the 27-year-old is emboldened to be daring.

Her watch is bold and practical in sunburst smoked burgundy—the dials’ elegant colours complement the case’s contemporary architecture with its octagonal middle case, round extra-thin bezel and stylised lugs. The timepiece’s unconventional design pushed ancestral hand-finishing techniques to new heights with more details than meet the eye.

The collection marks a new approach for Audemars Piguet: bringing back the classic round watch and uniting it with a contemporary lifestyle—a testament to the Manufacture’s creativity and forward-thinking spirit.

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