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Tiffany & Co. has got holiday gift-giving quite literally down to a T

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of receiving something wrapped in that distinctive box that can only belong to Tiffany & Co.

The boxes’ trademark blue hue—often called robin’s egg blue or forget-me-not-blue—made its first appearance in 1845 on the cover of The Blue Book, Tiffany & Co.’s annual collection of exquisitely handcrafted jewels. Founder Charles Louis Tiffany personally selected the colour, now known as Tiffany Blue, which has become so emblematic of the brand. The Blue Book was not to be the brand's only foray into the literary world; former chairman Walter Hovig's Tiffany's Table Manners for Teenagers offered a series of tongue-in-cheek lessons in etiquette.

Watch the brand's 21st century interpretation of 'Tiffany's Table Manners for Teenagers' below:

This holiday season, Tiffany & Co. proposes a stunning new range of gleaming treasures destined to delight everyone on your gift list. From simple but classic gold chains to diamond-studded jewellery sets, trust Tiffany & Co. to have just the right present for the right person, beautifully packaged with a flourish in the signature Tiffany blue box.

The Tiffany T1 jewellery line is marked by a sleek T motif and comes with or without diamonds, projecting strength, power and independence. It’s a statement piece and an icon reinvented: an unbroken circle of 18k rose gold or yellow gold wraps around the wearer in an irresistible way, creating a symbol of continuity and timelessness. The diamond-studded bangles are a marvel of craftsmanship; Tiffany artisans painstakingly set each pavé diamond by hand in a complex honeycomb pattern for incredible radiance, texture and dimension that makes the piece extra special.

For an instant lift, go for gold. There’s an urban edge to the Tiffany HardWear collection, fused with luxury chic.  The result is a stunning statement inspired as much by the resolute and rebellious spirit of New York City, as Tiffany’s own archives, reinterpreting a link design from 1971 that is bold and subversive yet unmistakably modern and stylish. The graduated gauge links in 18k gold pair well with any look, casual, sporty or dressy; the pavé version sparkles with its own special appeal. As a simple but heartfelt symbol of love and celebration, the HardWear collection is perfect.

The Tiffany Victoria Vine collection is a dazzling showcase of Tiffany diamonds. The flower and vine motifs return to a frequent theme: the natural world. They also evoke the wheat leaf pattern found on the doors of the flagship Tiffany boutique on Fifth Avenue. At once dainty and bold, the pieces in this collection evoke old-world charm with contemporary confidence and gleam with expertly cut marquise, pear-shaped and round brilliant diamond accents set against platinum or 18k rose gold.

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