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We celebrate the talented creatives such as Gioia Fine Jewellery, Choo Yilin Atelier, Caratell and more on the Tatler 10 Singapore's Best Jewellers list this year

When it comes to fine jewellery, there is good reason to look locally when one is in want of bejewelled creations made with exceptional creativity and quality. For those who are looking for options beyond what’s available in the showcase or a truly one‑of‑a‑kind piece, going to a private jeweller with bespoke services may prove to be an excellent choice. But which among them in Singapore are the most outstanding? We shine the spotlight on the 10 home-grown names that have consistently surprised us with their exquisite and distinctive jewellery.

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If you want jewellery with coloured gemstones, Madly is the jeweller to go to. Not only does the brand specialise in crafting beautiful creations encrusted with rich and intensely coloured gemstones, it is particularly adept at creating specific pieces for the customer to suit her personality and style. “Madly is more than just creating and selling beautiful jewellery—it’s about making the world a more joyful and sparkling place with what we do and how we interact with people and the world around us,” says the brand founder, Maddy Barber. Indeed, the jewels by Madly will put any woman in a cheerful mood—they are always adventurous and colourful, playing with a palette of gemstone shades that is not commonly found elsewhere. Feminine, youthful and one-of-a-kind, these are the qualities that make Madly thoroughly special.

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This home-grown brand is a familiar name to many, and has come a long way since it was founded in 2004. Started by award‑winning designers Michael Koh and his wife, Achillea Teng, Caratell has since expanded its repertoire significantly and has also participated in myriad international design and jewellery events. While being a trusted name that many go to for diamond and elegant wedding jewellery, Caratell is also known for its outstanding creativity in its other bolder creations. This is exemplified in its Ever Foliage collection, which won the Singapore category at the Creative Asean jewellery competition in 2015.

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Jaipore by Ritu Aurora

Ritu Aurora started her jewellery brand in 1985, after moving from India to Singapore, and has since grown it into a name that is well known for its exquisite jewellery. Jaipore’s creations are vibrantly coloured, and are recognisable by their distinctive, classic aesthetics. Besides launching two new jewellery collections a year, Jaipore also provides a bespoke design service for clients that include royalty and socialites, among other women who are looking for chic, unique jewellery that can be passed from mother to daughter without ever losing its flair or shine.

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Simone Jewels

Established in 2006, Simone Jewels has been accessorising women from all walks of life with its distinctive creations for over a decade. Founder and creative director Simone Ng sets out to make wearable art with gemstones and gold—each piece is a statement of style and individuality. This year, Simone Jewels launched the Bombshell collection inspired by 1940s Hollywood star, Hedy Lamarr, and will also be marking another milestone—the launch of its sister brand, Jouer by Simone, which will introduce the first digital mass customisation platform for fine jewellery in Asia.


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Yuli Inc.-Fine Jewellery

Jessie Foo, founder of Yuli Inc, sees herself as “a performer, giving her best to her audience”. For her, jewellery is a tool through which the significant stages and moments of life are expressed. But while that is true, jewellery isn’t only bought or given in celebration of life’s special moments—it can also be spontaneously enjoyed, as a style statement or personal empowerment. This is why Yuli Inc’s jewellery collections are full of character, filled with avant‑garde pieces that are designed around rare gemstones.

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Flower Diamond

It’s a sight that is bound to draw the attention of everyone that walks through Ngee Ann City—the shopfront showcase of Flower Diamond’s boutique, which is filled with scintillating jewellery. The jeweller’s strength is in creating classic, feminine designs that stand the test of time. Founder Belinda Chua’s personal passion for fashion also ensures the aesthetics of the pieces are ahead of the style curve

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Vihari Jewels

Jewellery is in the blood of Vihari Poddar, the founder of Vihari Jewels, who belongs to the fourth generation of a family of Indian gem traders. She designs customised creations that feature some truly spectacular gems with double- to triple-figure carat weights—a specialty for which her company has come to be known for. As a child, Vihari was already living and breathing gems and diamonds, having had no lack of opportunities to observe and help her father at work. Her affinity with precious materials and eye for details can be clearly seen from her whimsical Bee creations that are adorned with coloured diamonds.

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State Property

We love statement-making fashion jewellery, but we would like them even more if they were available in the quality of fine jewellery. There was a distinct dearth of such a category locally until State Property was established in 2015. Founded by Central St Martins-trained jeweller Lin Ruiyin and industrial designer Afzal Imram, the brand has steadily sent out edgy, contemporary jewellery designs that make an instant impact without being OTT. State Property is set to take off internationally, after being worn by former US First Lady Michelle Obama, and is also currently stocked on actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop lifestyle retail platform.

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Choo Yilin Atelier

Known for its modern use of jade and heritage-inspired collections, Choo Yilin, who is also a 2019 Generation T honouree, is also one of the more prominent young local jewellers. While its popular Peranakan‑motif jewellery has practically become its icon, that’s definitely not all it has to offer. The brand also produces bespoke pieces and has even been commissioned to design jewellery for famous women such as American actress Amanda Seyfried and tennis stars Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

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Gioia Fine Jewellery

Think bespoke jewellery is out of most people’s reach? Not necessarily. Gioia specialises in customising one-of-a-kind pieces at reasonable prices, while ensuring that every creation that it produces is of the best possible quality. The young entrepreneurs behind the brand, Cheryl Woon and Clarence Yee, are also avid gem collectors, and make sharing their knowledge of gemology a personal mission. Which is why they have remained faithful to their design philosophy—each of their pieces must be designed not just to serve the customer’s needs, but also in a way that complements the natural beauty of the gemstones that it carries. 

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