In the second part of our Tiffany & Co. Christmas series, Daphne Chen-Cordeiro is invited into the home of Billy and Jessie Lee, where laughter and love are always present. Their youngest daughter, Stephanie Lee shares a touching message to her parents

Dearest Dad and Mum, 

Christmas to me is a time of unconditional love, peace and comfort. It has held many wonderful memories filled with warmth and joy, for which I'm grateful for, more so being surrounded by family.

We celebrate Christmas dinner at your home every year, with over a full feast of traditional favourites—Christmas ham, roasted lamb shoulder, oxtail stew, Beef Wellington accompanied by a continuous flow of alcohol, keeping spirits (no pun intended) high! The adults will share and laugh over personal anecdotes while all the children dress as Santa's little helpers or reindeers, running around the house causing a ruckus.

The louder the kids' conviviality got, the happier you were. It is endearing to see how excited the children get when they visit both of you, knowing full well that their grandparents have surpassed expectations and fulfilled more than their Christmas gift requests. They never fail to take precedence over your needs. 

As both of you grow older and are slowing down, despite all your successes, I wish you will treat yourselves because you deserve it! I treasure the times when both of you were more able-bodied and highly boisterous—those moments have taught me not to take you both for granted. Thank you for your resilience in wanting to be healthy so that you can look forward to watching your grandchildren grow up and impart in them what you have done for Cheryl and I.

As each year passes and you grow older, I hope I can keep the family traditions alive with my children, Max, Isabelle and Kate, creating moments that they will hold close to their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Christmas is never complete without Cheryl too. Aside from my sister’s contributions as a brilliant cook, I will always reminisce about the times when we were younger and quietly snuggle up to each other beside your bed at home.

Or when we visited Cheryl in the UK during the Christmas holidays, where my sister and I would talk till the wee hours. I miss that. I’m thankful that she has been a second mother to me and looked out for me my whole life. I pray that our children will protect one another and grow up close together.

2020 was a crazy year but it has definitely taught us to slow down and take a step back to reflect, to be grateful, to forgive and to be at peace.

Let us move on to what truly matters in our lives, rejoice in the simple pleasures and joys life has to offer, celebrate and live each day as we would as our last and humbly thank God for all He has blessed us with. Thank you all for always wanting the best for me through your own ways, I am eternally grateful for your sacrifices so that I will lead a happier life.

I pray that this Christmas, in this chapter of your lives, that all of you will be blessed with good health, a peace of mind, heart, spirit and happiness to start off with a positive new year. 

Merry Christmas and I love you.

Love, Stephanie

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