Cover Bonhams' head of jewellery Leslie Roskind shares her auction predictions for 2021

Leslie Roskind, who leads Bonhams auction house’s team of jewellery specialists in Hong Kong, shares her predictions for 2021

1. Untreated coloured gemstones

About 90 per cent of gemstones are heated to improve their colour or clarity. Some of the rarest untreated coloured gemstones are Kashmir sapphires, so it’s likely these will be very popular at auction this year.

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2. Pink diamonds

Less than 0.1 per cent of diamonds mined worldwide are pink and they are only found in certain areas, such as the famous Argyle mines in Kimberley, Western Australia. Last year, the Argyle mines closed for good, and prices for pink diamonds reportedly shot up 40 per cent.

3. Spinels

For hundreds of years, people believed that rubies and spinels were the same stone. Look for spinels that are unheated and preferably from Myanmar. A strong colour with as few inclusions as possible is also desirable.

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4. Jewellery Art

Collectors are more likely to wear their jewellery nowadays, rather than lock it up in a safe. So mixing and matching artistic jewellery with other fashion items is becoming increasingly popular.

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5. Online purchases

Buying online for the first time can be exciting, but also nerve-racking. Always reach out to specialists and ask to see pictures and videos of pieces you’re interested in before placing your bid.

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