Cover Actress Jung Eu-chae wears Boucheron jewellery in "The King: Eternal Monarch" (Image: Netflix)

Everything you need to know about the bling worn during the show

How's this for a K-drama romance to distract from the realities of coronavirus?

A young crown prince Lee Gon (played by Lee Min-ho) lives in an alternative universe—a Korea that might have existed if the wars of the 20th century had never happened. A Korea where a royal family continues to rule.

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In this alternative universe, Gon witnesses the brutal murder of his emperor father at the hands of his traitor uncle Yi Rim (played by Lee Jung-jin).

And if that weren’t dramatic enough, he accidentally passes through a mysterious portal that transports him into modern-day Korea, where characters have a parallel universe counterpart.

Throw in some complicated love triangles, and you get the gist…

The King: Eternal Monarch is, in many ways, a typical K-drama romance but it also pushes boundaries in an Alice in Wonderland kind of way.

But what's as fascinating as the show’s storytelling is actress Jung Eun-chae’s jewellery collection, which is largely thanks to Boucheron.

Eun-chae plays the role of Gu Seo-ryeong, Korea’s first prime minister. We love her oversized Serpent Bohème earrings in white gold, which are set with clutches of white diamonds.

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