Cover Cartier launches a brand new high jewellery collection, Sixième Sens

Awaken your sixth sense with Cartier's bold and daring high jewellery collection

Luxury jewellery and watchmaker Cartier reinvigorates its iconic house styles with optical illusions and graphic patterns in Sixième Sens. Recreating hues and symmetry of the natural world, from flavoursome berries to landscapes of shifting sand slopes, this seven-piece collection is deeply stimulating with sumptuous visual and tactile elements. However, it also ignites a sense of curiosity and adventure that has laid dull and dormant in the last year and a half. 

For example, from a distance, the Meride necklace is a hypnotic, two-dimensional checkerboard of diamonds, onyx and rock crystal. However, upon closer inspection, one will notice that each element of the mosaic is mounted on a different level, which lends to the illusion of perpetual moment. A true testament to their technical expertise, the back of the necklace is also an exact reverse of the front.

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As an ode to the famous peacock motif that decorated iconic pieces in the 1920s, Cartier also introduces the Parhelia ring, with a seductive blue 21.51-carat, cabochon-cut sapphire mounted on a diamond and emerald-encrusted frame, resembling the ever-watching eye of a peacock feather. 

Another ring that channels that '20s opulence is the Phaan ring is a kaleidoscopic manipulation of light with tiers of glimmering rose-cut diamonds and oval rubies holding a precious 8.2-carat ruby

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Channeling the sweetness of the rubies in the Phaan ring, the Sharkara necklace plays with romantic hues of pink tourmalines, garnets and coloured sapphires that radiate the joy of picking juicy berries on a summer's day.  

Meanwhile, the Pixelage necklace deploys a trompe-l’œil that resembles the fur of a panther, a beloved Cartier animal that graces the Panthère de Cartier watches and jewellery. Feel the power and strength that radiates from this seductive masterpiece of topazes, onyx and diamonds. 

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It would be remiss not to mention the expertise rooted in the maison's savoir-faire, as demonstrated in the Alaxoa high jewellery creation. A cascade of emeralds and diamonds are linked together by tiny metal bridges that allow for mesmerising movement without affecting its elegant, fan shape.

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Find a luxurious composition of brilliant diamonds, each cut to perfection, that sits perfectly on the décolletage in the Coruscant necklace, which completes the Sixième Sens collection. 

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