Cover Rosé wears jewellery from the HardWear collection by Tiffany & Co (Photo: Tiffany & Co)

As the new face of Tiffany & Co, K-pop star Rosé embodies the brand’s Tiffany Hardwear collection

Rosé of Blackpink is the new face of Tiffany & Co, starting with the brand’s Hardwear campaign, which is inspired by New York City’s dizzying architecture, atmospheric icons and opening-night parties.

The 24-year-old New Zealand-born singer, whose real name is Roseanne Park Chae Young, is part of K-pop girl group Blackpink for which she starred in last year’s Netflix documentary Blackpink: Light up the Sky. More recently, Rosé released her highly anticipated first solo album, R, which received a jaw-dropping 400,000 pre-orders within four days.

For this year’s Hardwear campaign, Rosé wears the collection’s modern 18-karat yellow- and rose-gold links, many of which are set with diamonds. In a press release, Tiffany & Co reveals Rosé has a “bold personality and modern style influence”, both of which ultimately influenced the jeweller’s decision to have her star in the campaign.

Talking for the first time about the collaboration, Rosé gives her thoughts on in an interview with Tatler below.

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What was it like shooting the latest Tiffany HardWear campaign?

I’ve worn Tiffany jewellery since I was in high school. To be a part of such an iconic brand that has been a part of my life for a long time makes it that much more special to me. I am very honoured and excited to be a part of the Hardwear campaign that I absolutely adore, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. 

What do you like most about the HardWear collection?

I love the HardWear collection because it is very stylish. I was super excited when I first heard that I would be campaigning for that collection. I love how bold and chic you can look. I’m very interested in layering my necklaces these days; nothing does it better than the Hardwear collection. 

Are you more of a rose, yellow or white gold person? 

I would usually go for rose gold, but ever since I started wearing the Hardwear collection I’ve been into yellow gold. Originally, I used to think that yellow gold seemed a bit too fancy, but I’m definitely enjoying how fancy and fashionable the Hardwear collection in yellow gold looks on me these days. 

Jewellery is always said to be a very personal thing.

Tiffany jewellery has been a part of my life since way back in high school. We used to gather money to gift each other cute little Tiffany necklaces and there was always that special excitement of receiving that classic, Tiffany Blue shopping bag. I love how everyone at any age can always enjoy a bit of Tiffany jewellery in their lives. 

What is your favourite city and why?

My favourite city has got to be New York City. When I visited New York for the first time, I was absolutely star-struck and blown away at all the tall buildings and busy streets. I hadn’t noticed that all of my favourite movies were based in New York until I was right there. It was the city that I had fallen in love with in the movies. And I love how the HardWear collection is inspired by the attitude of modern cities. As a city-lover myself, I couldn’t explain a better reason as to why I instantly fell in love with the hardware collection and its mesmerising shapes. 

What has recently inspired you creatively?

I think small things in my everyday life inspires me the most. It doesn’t have to be anything grand but something that’s effortlessly embedded in our lifestyles, which is why I feel much more drawn to the HardWear collection’s industrial shapes. I love how intricate and edgy the design is. 

When is the last time you felt that you did something bold?

I think everyone is tested with new obstacles every single day. I feel bold when I stand up for my own opinions. Whether it be a small decision or a big one that follows large responsibility. I think knowing how to stick up for yourself on a daily basis is definitely a definition for boldness. 

How do you feel when you put on a beautiful piece of jewellery? 

Like others feel when they put on jewellery! All sorts of butterflies. Jewellery is always a lot of fun. When we put together an outfit for the day, whether that be for an everyday look or a whole extra look for a day at work, jewellery is always the cherry on top. You’ll never know how the outfit looks like until you add the jewellery. 

Who would you most want to have breakfast at Tiffany’s with?

If they allow pets, then I would definitely go with my puppy, Hank. I would probably just order a good old English breakfast meal and freshly squeezed orange juice. 

When did you receive your first piece of Tiffany jewellery?

In my memory, I think it was some white gold earrings in the classic Tiffany charm shape that my mum got me when I pierced my ears for the first time in 7th grade. 

What has made you feel empowered recently?

Standing up for my own opinions and trusting in them. Even if it’s for the smallest things.

Who are some of the women that you admire in your life? 

My mum. I still remember my mum when she used to work full-time back in New Zealand. How she would dress up in the most chic, boss-black fitted blazer and pencil skirt. Her dark red lipstick and perfectly styled hair. She always looked like a boss and she was always my idol. I always wanted to look like her when I grew up. I admire her in so many ways. How responsible, respectful and kind she is to the people around her. And mostly, I admire her for her unconditional love towards me and my sister. She is one selfless yet strong and independent human being. 

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