If you haven't heard of Sarah & Sebastian, an Australian line of dainty jewellery in raw, organic shapes by Creative Director Sarah Gittoes and Managing Director Robert Sebastian Grynkofki, we guarantee you're about to see it everywhere. During their visit to Lane Crawford Hong Kong to launch their new Relic collection, inspired by Gittoes' dive expeditions to shipwrecks, we chat origins, sustainability and their most precious pieces

Did you always know you wanted to design jewellery?

S: We both studied different areas of design, which is actually how we met, so I think we always knew we wanted to work in a creative industry. However, we started Sarah & Sebastian somewhat by accident when I was working in fashion and Robert was at an industrial design firm.

R: It was quite serendipitous, really. At night and on the weekends, outside of our day jobs, we had been making jewellery for friends and Sarah’s colleagues and ended up having some pieces featured by an Australian Magazine. The rest is history!

Where did you get the idea to use items like a jaw or a bullet as inspiration for your latest collection?

S: I have a great passion for diving, which ends up influencing a lot of our collections. The Relic collection was inspired by my wreck diving where I discovered decaying relics on the ocean floor. I witnessed a lot of sadness, but also the restorative essence of nature where coral was bringing so much beauty to the wreckage.

The jawbone and bullets are examples of some of the relics I discovered. 

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What was the first piece you made?

R: When we first started out there was a lack of minimalistic and modern fine design in the market. The first piece we made was a pair of mismatched line earrings which as their name suggests are a single line of different lengths worn as stud earrings. These earrings are still one of our best sellers and a style we are well known for.

S: People didn’t understand them at first, though. I was always being told that my earrings were broken because they were different. We like playing with the idea of what a ‘pair’ of earrings should look like, it makes jewellery more interesting to us. 

Sustainability is a big topic in ready-to-wear fashion, but how can jewellery artisans practice sustainability as well?

R: Sustainability has always been important to us. Creating a brand that supports local craftsmsen and is responsible in its sourcing and manufacturing is something we’re focused on and continually improving. We work primarily with reclaimed gold to avoid supporting new mines and all of our diamonds and stones are responsibly sourced from ethical suppliers.

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Jewellery often holds some emotional significance. Do you have some pieces that are particularly special to you that you wear every day?

S: Jewellery is very personal, when I used to make jewellery myself I wouldn’t do it on a day where I was upset or stressed as I was worried I would transfer that energy into the piece I was making.

I’ve worn my petite letter necklace (one of our signature styles) for over four years and a pendant cast from a shark tooth my partner found whilst diving, which I had cast in gold. These are both very special to me.

Sarah & Sebastian is available in stores at Lane Crawford Hong Kong

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