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Diamonds are forever, and so is love this Chinese Valentine’s Day

The story of Boy Meets Girl is one for the ages, and the same is true about the romantic legend behind Qixi Festival—also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day.
Niulang, a cowherd, fell in love with Zhinü, a heavenly weaver who came down to Earth. They got married, but the emperor of heaven whisked her back to her celestial home. Heartbroken, Niulang tried but failed to get to her, and this act of love touched a tiding of magpies. They formed a bridge in the sky for them to meet, which moved the emperor, allowing them to meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh Lunar month.
This year Qixi Festival falls on August 15, and expressions of love are best made through sentimental jewellery, so here is a round-up of the items that very much say: “I love you”.

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This Divas’ Dream necklace from Bulgari is for the sweetheart in your life, as represented by the feminine fan shape of the pendant. Inspired by the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, the pendant is set with diamonds and pink sapphires in a gradation that resembles the mosaics found on the floors there. The 18-karat rose gold chain complements the pink hues of the gemstones, creating a pleasing and glittering gradient.

Suzanne Kalan

Whilst motifs of love and romance are often represented in hearts, these 18-karat rose gold stud earrings are a modern take on the shape. With baguette-cut white diamonds circling a singular round-cut diamond that burst into a heart, the effect is that of a sparkling firework—Suzanne Kalan’s signature setting. Perfect for everyday wear, this acts as a daily reminder of the special someone in your life.

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De Beers

The Enchanted Lotus collection by De Beers incorporates a graphic iteration of the flower in its pieces, alluding to purity and eternity—much like its diamonds. This elegant white-gold bracelet inlaid with grey mother-of-pearl and micropavé diamonds is ideal for the more minimal Valentine, as it’s easy to stack with other bracelets and is just as beautiful worn alone.


This mono earring from Messika’s Magnetic Attraction High Jewellery collection is a simple yet bold statement piece for an adventurous lover. Inspired by dance and movement, there is a fluidity to this piece. A trio of diamonds is held together with a single loop—the white pear-cut diamond is worn on the front of the lobe, and two marquise-cut diamonds in a soft pink and blue dangle from behind.

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Boghossian offers the Merveilles' Rosamour Eternity ring, an eye-catching band that contains 74 pink sapphires—a testament to true love. The round cut of the gemstones allows 18-karat rose gold studs to peek through the gaps, creating beautiful shades of pink to glimmer from all angles. A beautiful ring to behold, this piece is a fun and playful expression of romance.


Qeelin’s Yu Yi Little Red Lock collection takes the idea of a love lock and blends with the traditional Chinese ruyi lock, transforming it into an emblem of good luck and longevity. A small key on the 18-karat rose gold chain implies that secrets of love can be unlocked by the wearer. Red agate stone makes up the base of the lock, and small diamonds frame it to make the red stand out on one’s wrist.

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