Cover Hermès’ latest high jewellery collection, Lignes Sensibles is inspired by immaterial things (Photo: Hermès)

The creative director describes the inspiration behind Hermès’ latest high jewellery collection, Lignes Sensibles

Pierre Hardy, creative director of fine jewellery at Hermès tells Tatler about the inspiration behind Lignes Sensibles, the brand's new high jewellery collection; his inspirations from being a professional dancer; and his creative routine. 

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Tell us about Lignes Sensibles.

It’s inspired by immaterial things, like an emotion, a thrill, a caress or the simple feeling of a hand in your hair. I asked myself how I could transform these things into jewellery, because I think that those moments of emotion are very beautiful and intimate.

Which is your favourite piece from the collection?

I love the Hermès Faire Corps bracelet that looks like bone and is set with cabochons in different colours.

You were a professional dancer. How does this affect the way you design?

Dance gave me a sense of the body. It also teaches you about your body’s limits: how high you can jump; how close you can get to the floor. For jewellery, this is very important because it’s something you wear close to your body. It’s on your skin and understanding this proximity was very important to me when designing Lignes Sensibles.

Take us through your usual routine.

I draw every day—all the time and in any place. For me, creation is something that just happens. It’s like breathing, like looking or like hearing. I will sketch on anything that’s lying around, keep it and redesign it when I’m back home or at the studio.

What are some of the most common pitfalls of jewellery design?

I try to avoid things that have already been done. If I set a magnificent emerald and mount diamonds around it, it's going to be beautiful. But for me and Hermès, it’s not a creative gesture. We try to find new ways to design jewellery.

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