Cover The Coruscant necklace features a mix of cuts that amplifies the brilliance of the diamonds

Cartier unveils its latest collection, Sixième Sens, which celebrates the soulful art of high jewellery and its unique power of stimulating one’s emotions

Bold, radiant, enigmatic—no one runs out with words when describing Cartier’s stunning jewelleries. In the renowned maison’s over a century-old history, it has dressed the world’s crème de la crème and most importantly, the British royal family. Since then, its iconic jewelleries and tiaras glittering with finest gems have bewitched, beguiled and bewildered the world. Indeed, Cartier has defined what high jewellery is and even with the passing of time, has evolved without diminishing in lustre.

Cartier embodies what sets high jewellery apart from the rest—an ingenious creativity realised with superb savoir-faire. Being true to its commitment as a responsible jewellery brand, Cartier constantly strives to improve its tradition of excellence and develop its ethical, environmental and social practices and responsibilities.

For the revered brand, high jewellery is “an expression of art with the power to move like no other”. Its latest collection celebrates this, leading its wearer into a world of sensory stimulation. But most importantly, it also taps into the sixth sense—one that speaks to the heart.

Sixième Sens par Cartier showcases stylised feline interpretation, organic textures and shards of electrifying coloured lights shimmering from every facet of the gems. Its hues evoke ripe fruits and terrain that make one summon scents from memory banks. The collection also uses trompe-l’oeil and graphic patterns, creating optical illusions that make each coveted piece come to life.

The platinum Phaan ring has an 8.20-carat ruby pendant surrounded by a tiered construction, allowing a 4.01-carat rose-cut diamond to be inserted directly below it. The triangular diamonds maintain the ring’s airy appearance. The unique architecture of the ring allows the light to intensify its rich red hue. The light first passes through the ruby, then through the subtle openings between the tiny ruby balls and surrounding diamonds, creating a mesmerising illumination.

One key to making an optical illusion is by blurring the perspective and making it seem alive with perpetual movement. The Meride necklace is an example of this, where the diamonds, onyx and rock crystals are laid out on a checkerboard, mounted at different levels, appearing to multiply ad infinitum.

Cartier also paid homage to its iconic panther symbol with the Pixelage necklace. It conjures a familiar image when observed from a distance: the necklace of polished onyxes evokes the marbling of the fur while the white, yellow and orange diamonds represent the thickness of the pelt. Its golden reflections are highlighted by three captivating golden topazes totalling 27.34 carats.

Meanwhile, the Parhelia ring takes inspiration from the alluring beauty of a peacock and holds an irresistible 21.51-carat sapphire cabochon glowing in its intense blue hue from within. The five parentheses of radiant diamonds and emeralds that surround it reflect the light, fanning out like the surface of a lake, made more apparent by the shadow effect coming from the black lacquer. 

Other arrestingly beautiful pieces that make up the collection include the stunning Alaxoa necklace that highlights and imitates the seductive beauty of strands and fringes, the Sharkara necklace that plays variations of the same hue and the Coruscant necklace that is a vibrant testament to the enchanting power of diamonds.

With rhythm, precision and attention to detail, Cartier’s latest collection amplifies the brilliance and magnetic power of these jewels and gems, staying true to the maison’s standards of excellence and quality.