In a series of three Tiffany & Co. videos, Daphne Chen-Cordeiro invites Tatler friends to pen down their Christmas wishes to a loved one. Here, author and gemologist Paige Parker reflects on 2020 and what she is thankful for

My dearest Jim,

What a year! As 2020 draws to an end, I find surreal coming top of mind. For a brief moment in our lives, we paused, with time to stop, think, and consider what is truly important, and all due to a global pandemic that brought such despair to the world.

How fortunate for us to be sheltered safely here in Singapore. To have you, Happy and Bee all with me for those lockdown months—that was bliss as we enjoyed morning coffees together over newspapers, cooked healthy foods, baked oodles of cookies, completed epic puzzles, recited Woodsworth, exercised daily, made silly TikTok videos, walked our beloved dog Bella and video-called people we love.

I imagine I will never have all of you with me like that ever again. Indeed, a silver lining from such a tragedy. May we move forward after this watershed moment to remain focused on the meaningful in our lives, not the abundant minutiae that compete for our time. 

So, as December approaches, I remember the many Christmases we have spent together. I remember going around the world with you where we celebrated Christmas in a Turkish restaurant in Saudi Arabia, and in a Mexican restaurant in Monaco!

Decorating the tree together is a highlight, and we all revel in the sentimental ornaments. Baking cookies with Happy and Bee, and leaving them out for Santa, and carrots for his reindeer.  

Then, we stay up late putting out all of Santa’s presents for the girls and reminiscing. 

I want us to give thanks for our blessings, and share ours with others. You are off the hook, dear Jim! You have done so much for me and our girls.

For if nothing else, this pandemic keeps reminding us to be grateful for having our needs met, for our well-being, and that of our families, friends, and communities.

Love, Paige

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