Named after the extravagant Baroque period of Rembrandt and Johann Sebastian Bach, Bulgari has created a jewellery collection designed to wow

As a jeweller, Bulgari designs baubles that never fail to elicit gasps of awe and delight. With Barocko, the Italian luxury maison's latest high jewellery collection, Bulgari has remained faithful to its tradition of fanciful, colourful and extravagant pieces guaranteed to make the paparazzi on the red carpet go wild.

Creative director Lucia Silvestri was inspired by the Baroque architecture of Rome and, with her team, scoured the world for the gemstones that would help realise her vision of an era defined by exuberance, grandeur and excess.

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Above The making of Barocko jewellery with Lucia Silvestri

While the Barocko collection consists of every type of jewellery, the necklaces brilliantly highlight the Baroque era's dramatic flair and the intricate work Silvestri and her team have undertaken to translate them. Here are the neck adornments poised to steal the spotlight at the next social events: 

1. Cabochon Exhuberance

Roman landmark: Horti Farenesiani

The magnificent gardens of Horti Farnesiani on Palatino Hill inspire this one-of-a-kind necklace consisting of two tanzanites from New York, rubellites and emeralds from Jaipur and aquamarines acquired in Hong Kong. 

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2. Lady Arabesque

Featured gemstones: Sri Lankan sapphires

Set with pink and violet sapphires from Sri Lanka, Paraida tourmalines and emeralds, the Lady Arabesque is a fascinating coming together of multiple shapes and volumes in a harmonious spectacle. 

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3. Rosso Caravaggio

Featured gemstone: Mozambique ruby

A breathtaking 10-carat cushion-shaped ruby sourced from Mozambique shows off, in spectacular fashion, this diamond necklace that took 1,500 hours to complete.

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4. Sapphire Lace Necklace

Featured gemstones: Diamonds & sapphires

An interpretation of Baroque lace fabric but draped in diamonds and blue sapphires, this necklace evokes a sensual lightness with its sinuous texture.

5. Wings of Rome

Roman landmark: St. Michael The Archangel

The wings of Archangel Michael statue at Castel Sant'Angelo were the basis of this bewitching platinum necklace set with diamonds of three different cuts - marquise, round and drop. The diamonds are also set at three levels to create that exquisite sense of depth.

6. Peacock

Featured gemstones: Tanzanites, aquamarines, chrysoprases & emeralds

One of the most dramatic creations in the Barocko collection is the Peacock, aptly named for its kaleidoscope of coloured gems—namely tanzanites, aquamarines, chrysoprases and emeralds—that evoke the colourful vibrant nature of its namesake bird. 

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