Cover Jodie Turner-Smith models the latest Gucci high jewellery

Electrifyingly beautiful and unapologetically bold, Gucci's Garden of Delights is the epitome of maximalist elegance

Glamour knows no bounds with Gucci, as proven by their latest high jewellery collection. Named Hortus Deliciarum, which translates to "Garden of Delights" in Latin, this is the second high jewellery collection by creative director Alessandro Michele. Modelled by British actress Jodie Turner-Smith in the visual campaign, the collection has no shortage of majestic, mythical allure.

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When inspiration calls, Michele answers. This time, he drew from the vibrant hues of the flora and fauna, culminating in no less than 130 pieces separated into four glittering chapters.

The first chapter reimagines the great outdoors in the form of gems. Imagine cascading diamond tassels as lively waterfalls and green gems that recall Victoriana leaves.

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The second chapter is an ode to electric sunsets and ethereal nightfall. Influenced by the gothic and romantic art movements, Michele brings to life discordant symmetry by contrasting pearlescent opals with twilight jewels. Balancing the modern and the classic, they capture the fleeting colours when day turns into night.

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Paying homage to delicate of rose gardens, the third chapter is the most feminine of the collection. Coloured Padparascha sapphires, indigo indicolite tourmalines and Rococo bow details make for boldly romantic jewellery. A few necklaces can be detached and worn as pendants, giving the gorgeous stones a chance to shine. 

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The final chapter is perhaps the most majestic of all, taking its cues from the magnificent animal kingdom. The star is a collier-style necklace where 22 leonine figures surround a 16.36-carat midnight opal. Going the extra mile, Michele has also incorporated watchmaking—the lion heads on diamond bracelets rotate to reveal a a dial of ocean-blue Australian opals. 

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