We take you on the epic journey of a Tiffany Diamond around the world before it ends up on your finger

Diamonds are like us. They want to belong. More specifically, they want to belong to the club of certified Tiffany & Co. diamonds but, as Tatler recently found out, the journey to the rarified Tiffany kingdom is an arduous one fraught with danger and judgement. Not only do the stones have to endure unceasing travel from one facility to another, but they are also subjected to a gamut of rigorous tests and assessments to ascertain their worth.

Tatler was one of the privileged few invited by American jeweller Tiffany & Co. to enter its vaulted facilities and study the complexities of its production process.

For an industry notorious for being secretive, this openness is refreshing and impressive. Also, it couldn’t have come at a better time where the link between brand transparency and consumer trust has never been tighter.

The ultimate respect, of course, goes to the diamond itself. From the mine, this little object travels over 50,000km across the globe to no less than four countries, gets judged by its weight and colour, and is told exactly what shape it should be. Yet it valiantly makes its way into the prized robin’s-egg-blue box, finally belonging to the club of certified Tiffany diamonds, where it wields the power to render human beings helpless. It’s not a journey as much as it is an odyssey! Here’s a glimpse into it.