The Sakura Diamond, the leading lot at Christie's Magnificent Jewels live auction in May, gives pretty in pink a whole new meaning

In an auction titled Magnificent Jewels, you’d expect each and every item to dazzle. But Christie's leading lot surpasses expectations.

The Sakura Diamond—so named as its colour perfectly matches the petals of the Sakura blossom, signalling the start of spring—will be going under the hammer on May 23 at Christie’s in Hong Kong, and is expected to fetch between US$25-US$38 million at auction.

The 15.81-carat fancy vivid purple pink internally flawless diamond ring is set to make history as the largest ever purple pink diamond to appear at auction.

The Sakura's distinct features render it exceptionally rare. Naturally coloured diamonds are some of the world’s rarest and most valuable. Pink diamonds—which obtain their colour from a randomly occurring molecular distortion—are near impossible to extract from their rough form.

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Its size is also significant because, in the increasingly rarefied world of pink diamonds, large rough stones are almost impossible to find and exceedingly difficult to cut. But it’s not just its size that impresses. Graded Internally Flawless, the stone boasts perfect clarity and transparency, a feat considering the majority of pink diamonds are typically graded SI (slightly included) and can look hazy.

The Sakura's pink purple colour is well-balanced and deeply saturated, a hue that enhances its striking size and flawless clarity—an eternal masterpiece of nature.

The live auction commences on May 23 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. For more details, visit the Christie’s website.

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