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Looking for a special gift to show your love for your mum? We're rounding up the best jewellery gifts for Mother's Day

Mark your calendars. Mother's Day is just a few weeks away (May 9 to be exact!), and if you're still looking for the perfect present to show your thanks and appreciation for your mum on this special day, we're here to help.  Already booked a Mother's Day staycation or bought her a fashionable outfit to wear? Spoil her even more with these jewellery pieces.

Whether it's dazzling earrings, trendy rings or luxurious necklaces, we've rounded up the best jewellery gifts that your mum will surely love.

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1. Cartier Love Collection

Love says it all on Mother's Day. Cartier's cult Love collection presents clean lines and precise proportions, beauty and order—the ultimate symbol of maternal love. You can choose a slim circle of pink gold paved with diamonds or a stunning white gold band with black ceramic screws. You can also opt for a pretty Love necklace instead, whose interlocking rings speak to the bond between mother and child.

Even the cast of Bling Empire loves this collection.

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2. Van Cleef & Arpels Lucky Spring Collection

The Lucky Spring collection from Van Cleef & Arpels is filled with colourful motifs as a tribute to this season of rebirth and also Mother's Day. The long necklace, three bracelets, a clip and a pair of earrings all portray the joyful ladybugs, along with flower and leaf motifs. It blends rose gold, mother-of-pearl, carnelian and onyx in delicate harmony that your mothers will love.

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3. Buccellati Opera Tulle Collection

Buccellati's Opera Tulle collection is a dazzling compilation of diamond jewellery featuring the brand's iconic floral motif. It has delicate hints of gold that further glamourise the gentle curves of every piece made with the Tulle engraving technique. With vibrant green emeralds to boot, it brings the pieces to life and excludes the vitality and brightness of spring as well as your mum's.

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4. Tiffany & Co Because She's Thoughtful

Designed with the classic and simple T design and its unique edges and bevels, the Tiffany T1 bracelet is the perfect gift to thank mothers for their hard work. Show your mum some love with the stylish and elegant Tiffany HardWear bracelet while the Tiffany Jean Schlumberger diamond ring is a great way to say thank you for her support all these years. This selection of Tiffany jewellery is the best way to send a heartfelt thank you.

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5. Gucci's Lion Head Collection

The Gucci Lion Head fine jewellery collection is crafted in 18k yellow gold with rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are set with diamonds and vibrant amethyst or chrome diopside gemstones. Each of the stones has a different symbolic meaning and the lion head motif represents power, courage and wisdom that embody the characteristics of a mother.

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6. Bulgari Divas' Dream Collection

The Bulgari Divas' Dream collection will amplify your mum's unique character and emotions this Mother's Day. The romantic collection celebrates femininity with rich colour palettes, audacious gemstone cuts and daring designs that your mother will no doubt appreciate and love.

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7. Chaumet Jeux de Liens Collection

This collection embraces Chaumet's 240 years of sentimental jewellery-making excellence. The rounded Jeux de Liens Harmony medallions evoke the perpetuity of the circle of life and in bracelet form, they are delicate and playful which are perfect for stacking a layering. These pieces can be engraved on the back to hold a special memory with your mother whether it's her name, a date or a personal message.

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8. Fred Pretty Woman Collection

Fred's Pretty Woman collection is seeking to express love's infinite variations and facts. The free-spirited designs give shape to love at its most joyous and daring moments. The inspiration for the collection is from the eponymous 1990 film starring Julia Roberts. It's the perfect gift to say "I love you" to your mother.

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9. Annamaria Cammilli Velaa Collection

In Annamaria Cammilli's Velaa collection, the air is the key element that helps define shapes, giving lightness to the pieces. It also has a precious alternation of shiny and velvety gold surfaces that give the jewels an iridescent appearance which your mum can wear during any special occasion. Annamaria Cammilli has been added to Masterpiece by King Fook's list, where the products there are exclusive only to Hong Kong.

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10. De Beers Dewdrop Collection

The iconic Dewdrop collection signifies new beginnings and exciting possibilities. It's playful and refreshing and the elegant pieces offer ways to celebrate your special moments with your mum on Mother's Day and beyond. The classic jewellery designs draw in a sense of timelessness of diamonds that celebrate your mum's unconditional love.

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11. John Hardy Classic Chain Palu Pearl Collection

Express your gratitude and appreciation for your mum with John Hardy's Classic Chain collection, the symbol of connectivity. The pieces are handcrafted at their workshop in Bali and the bracelets were handwoven by women, many of whom are mothers, using techniques passed down through generations. Every piece of jewellery in this collection is filled with meaningful detail that your mum will love.

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12. Messika Move and My First Diamond Collection

The Move and My First collection is a symbol of timeless, motherly love that's just right for your mum's special day. The three moving diamonds from the collection represent the growth and uniqueness of love from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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13. Smiling Rocks Sparkle Collection

The Sparkle Collection is Smiling Rocks' signature collection, representing the sparkling personality of each individual, including your mum. Even better is the fact that this sustainable luxury brand focuses on building a chain of smiles and giving back with every purchase which is something your mum will appreciate.

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14. Matilde Jewellery Blossom Ring & Amor Bracelet

Matilde Jewellery's Mother's Day exclusive pieces include the Blossom ring and the Amor bracelet. The ring is crafted from an everlasting loop of nine lab-grown diamond flowers to celebrate the relationships between children and mother. Meanwhile, the Amor bracelet features two interconnected, lab-grown diamond-studded hearts. The heart is a symbol of love, devotion and honesty—all motherly traits. This piece was designated in collaboration with Matilde founder's own mother.

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