Cover Melis Goral on growing up in a family of well-known jewellers (Photo: Melis Goral)

Fine jeweller and Istanbul native, Melis Goral on growing up in a family of well-known jewellers

Melis Goral has always applied a fresh take to antique-inspired jewellery, and her namesake brand is well known for its high-quality pieces, especially those rooted in art deco design. 

Here, the designer talks to Tatler about her recent use of malachite, onyx and turquoise, as well as her experience growing up in a family of successful jewellers.

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What have you been working on?

Deep collection, which consists of two capsule collections named Deep Sea and Deep Space. I’ve been enjoying working with stones including malachite, onyx and turquoise. They boast enchanting colours that remind me of the deepest depths of the ocean as well as the Northern Lights.

What do you love about the Northern Lights?

They are nature’s most fascinating phenomenon that deeply touch people and are almost too beautiful to be true. The vibrancy and harmony of colour are inspiring for any jewellery designer.

You are a third-generation jeweller. How has this impacted your designs?

My grandfather and father have spent more than 60 years of their lives at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. They have dedicated themselves to their craft and their respect for this business has always impressed me.

What are some of your earliest memories of jewellery?

My father would take me to the Grand Bazaar workshops, and I learned everything there is to know at his atelier. I would spend my remaining time in the store, observing his interaction with customers. I didn’t understand how important and valuable this was until I started to grow my own eponymous brand.

How does art and culture inspire your jewellery?

Living in different places has enabled me to approach design from different perspectives. I was born in Istanbul, which is where I learned how to make jewellery, but I got my university education in Milan, and I've also worked with various designers in New York and Italy.

Tell us about your creative process.

The starting point of my designs has always been rooted in art deco. Art deco is usually considered very classic and is reserved for statement pieces, but my jewellery can be worn casually and daily.

What's your favourite stone to work with?

At the moment, it's malachite. It absorbs negative energies and pollutants by picking them up from the atmosphere. Let's be honest, everybody could use a bit of that right now.


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