Cover Magic Alhambra earring, necklace and Vintage Alhambra necklace, all in white gold set with diamonds, all by Van Cleef & Arpels

From Piaget's multicoloured pieces to Van Cleef & Arpels' new additions to its signature Alhambra collection, these are the best new releases in jewellery for March 2021

De Beers

De Beers has added four white gold jewellery pieces to its captivating Arpeggia collection, which is inspired by Beethoven’s famous composition Moonlight Sonata. The line’s transformable choker is particularly breathtaking. Mounted with diamonds, which total more than 5.8 carats, it can also be worn as a headband.

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Tiffany & Co

Jean Schlumberger’s distinctive design aesthetic has long inspired Tiffany & Co’s high jewellery, and now the brand further celebrates the late jeweller’s fascination with the natural world through a roster of innovative and expressive pieces. Ribbons of gold thread and clutches of coloured gemstones set these new one-of-a-kind creations apart. Especially notable is the line’s playful fish-shaped clip brooch, which is sculpted from yellow gold and comes with polished scales set with tsavorites and shimmering turquoise.

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Forms’ latest bespoke ring showcases a spectacular Burmese sugarloaf-cut pigeon’s blood ruby, which is encased by four rounded petals cut from lavender-tinged chalcedonies. These almost translucent gems are additionally elevated by thin bands of white gold set with melee diamonds.

Gübelin Jewellery

Known as the “king of gems”, rubies are often relegated to second place behind the dazzle of diamonds, despite being rarer and more precious. Formed some 450 to 750 million years ago, the Mozambique rubies that adorn Gübelin's new Blushing Beauty chandelier earrings are among the world’s highest-quality gemstones. An oval-cut pair help secure each piece onto the wearer’s ear and, on their own, the stones weigh 3.10 and 3.05 carats.

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The newest high jewellery collection by Piaget, Wings of Light, is all about colour. Shades of navy-blue fade into exotic green, red and yellow, while feather plumes are replicated using handfuls of multicoloured sapphires, tourmalines and diamonds. The Natural Harmony necklace is a signature look that combines slick slices of white gold with blocks of glistening emeralds.

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Deborah Pagani

Deborah Pagani has launched several new ring designs that showcase the brand’s signature honey motif. Inspired by antique beehive-shaped pots, domed rows of thick yellow gold are stacked together and secure various gemstones that have been repurposed from heirloom jewellery.

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Emily P Wheeler

The Amazon’s towering trees, flooded forests and multicoloured wildlife are what inspired Emily P Wheeler’s La Selva collection, which the designer refined while daydreaming in her hometown of Los Angeles during last year’s numerous Covid-19 lockdowns. The Painted Desert earrings use carefully hand-carved petrified wood, which playfully contrasts with plump pink tourmalines that are framed by white diamonds.

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Melanie Georgacopoulos

Unconventional, innovative and elegant, several one-of-a-kind high jewellery earrings, rings and bracelets have been unveiled by Melanie Georgacopoulos as part of the brand’s new Carats collection. Smatterings of diamonds and mother-of-pearl take centre stage, as do natural pearls, which are being used by the jeweller for the very first time.

Moritz Glik

Moritz Glik’s Kaleidoscope Shakers line sandwiches gemstones between sheets of colourless sapphire. Entertaining as well as eye-catching, this playful collection is casual enough for daily wear but can also be zhooshed up for special occasions.


Lashings of gold and glistening South Sea pearls dominate Jewelmer’s Les Classiques collection. The French-Filipino company specialises in South Sea pearls that are grown in the Philippines. This elegant yellow gold pendant and easy-to-wear bracelet are perfect for warmer months.

Ryder Diamonds

In 2009, Sally Ryder put her passion for the age-old traditions of handcrafted jewellery into practice and established bespoke diamond jeweller Ryder Diamonds. We love the brand’s Mademoiselle rings, which come in white, yellow or rose gold and are set with dazzling diamonds that weigh between 1.7 and 4.25 carats.


For her latest pair of earrings, Carmen Choi, who designs under Chara, has harnessed her love for art as well as the Georgian period. Inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, which is housed at the Mauritshuis museum in the Netherlands, these rose gold beauties are set with pink conch pearls and diamonds.


British actress Kaya Scodelario shot to fame as Effy Stonem on teen television series Skins (2007). Fast forward to today, and in addition to starring in notable film productions including Maze Runner (2014) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (2017), Scodelario’s the face of Clash de Cartier, which is a textured Cartier collection that’s adventurous and contemporary.


When it comes to pearls, Mikimoto is one of the world’s most respected jewellers. For its latest high jewellery collection, the brand has shone the spotlight on the humble feather, which is sculpted from white gold and set with pearls and diamonds. Choose from a variety of necklaces, earrings, rings and brooches.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Four new long necklaces have been added to Van Cleef & Arpels’ signature Alhambra collection and to celebrate, the maison has collaborated with French fashion industry icon Carine Roitfeld for a stunning series of photographs that show how best to style these timeless pieces.

Jacques Arpels, the nephew of Estelle Arpels, who was one of the brand’s two founders, famously believed in luck, which is why charms have played an important part in Van Cleef’s designs since the 1920s. For Alhambra, a four-leaf clover takes centre stage and comes set with various hard stones including malachite and lapis lazuli.

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