Cover Planète Bleue bracelet and ring with sapphires, diamonds and a Zambian emerald stone in the centre

Artistic director of Louis Vuitton Francesca Amfitheatrof turns space and time into poetry through her latest high jewellery collection, Stellar Times

Francesca Amfitheatrof’s second high jewellery collection tells us to reach for the stars in an amalgamation of exceptional craftsmanship and creativity. Aptly called Stellar Times, Louis Vuitton journeys to the far reaches of the galaxy to capture the mystical beauty of the cosmos through seven celestial themes showcasing rare precious stones that embody planets and beyond.   

This is evident in the Planète Bleue bracelet and ring which boast a Zambian emerald. Monogram flower-cut diamonds swirl around it, symbolising the earth’s relationship to the galaxy.

Astre Rouge honours Mars with a decadent pairing of Mozambique rubies. Glistening diamonds fan out to draw focus to the central ruby stone.

As a tribute to the universe’s kaleidoscopic beauty, Interstellaire exudes colour and and light with the multicoloured spinels set in the bib necklace. Each prong and tiny ball claw holding the stones has been individually hand-crafted by Louis Vuitton jewellers.

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Homing in like a moonlit beacon in the night, Lune Bleue radiates with the vibrant blue of Sri Lanka and Madagascar sapphires. A sculptural masterpiece, the choker boasts a checkerboard pattern of sapphire, white gold and diamonds which took over 900 hours to create. In the very centre is a velvety luminous Madagascar sapphire that weighs 15.56 carats. 

Apogée mimics a zigzagging path through space in a harmonious pairing of indigo-green and purple-blue. Fluid geometric lines reveal the brand’s iconic V shape on the white gold and diamond necklace, punctuated with alternating tanzanites and aquamarines. A rare 34.88-carat indigo tourmaline pendant completes the picture.

Céleste radiates light through an asymmetrical necklace with sparkling sea-blue furrows paved with emeralds, diamonds, and two rows of blue sapphires. Enhancing its deep tones is a glowing Zambian emerald. Drop earrings adorned with two opals depict the symbol of infinity. After all, opals came into being around the same time of the Big Bang.

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The powerful Sun is conveyed through Soleils, embodied by a transformable necklace. Set with checkerboards of white diamonds and yellow sapphires adorned with three Sri Lanka sapphires, it feels like a silk scarf which can be worn as an extravagant choker or bib necklace. The cuff displays the same mastery, revealing a central yellow sapphire. Completing the collection is a solitaire set with the hypnotic Sri Lanka yellow sapphire.

“Stellar Times rouses the imagination, wonder and fascination we have for the heavens,” says Amfitheatrof. “The idea that a woman could soon walk on Mars is very much in line with Louis Vuitton’s values of adventure, travel and protection.”

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