Cover Photo credit: Le Lumiere.

The epitome of beautiful symmetry, the Le Lumiere - 'Diamonds of Light' is true to its name, by the reflection of natural light upon its 8 hearts and arrows facets.

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The Cupid's Bow

Mirroring mythical facets of the Roman deity, Cupid, with wings, bow and arrow, is this hearts and arrows patterned diamonds. It can’t be said that there is a direct link between the hearts and arrows patterned diamonds with the god of love but the inspiration is present.

The cutting of these intricately entwined pieces is displayed by the 8 arrows observed in the face-up view and the 8 hearts from the pavilion view of a diamond as if ready to strike love with a single aim.

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4 Elegant Collections

By featuring white diamonds in different themes, these 4 collections hit the mark, made even more fitting with names like ‘Blissful Mist’ of the morning dew, ‘Fiore’ for flower in Italian, the signature ‘Luxe’ and the unforgettable ‘Moments’.

Sharing the common features of white diamonds and platinum, each collection is a love story, from the glistening tiny diamonds decorating a silver band to the floral pendant imitating a blooming rose.   

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Extra Sparkle

Le Lumiere’s character shines through in its designs that add a dash of oomph, in little details like a white diamond surrounded by a rose gold halo setting, as featured in the ‘Luxe’ diamond ring.

Much like elven accessory that could only exist in fantasy books, a bangle from the 'Moments' collection is shaped with paved melee diamonds surrounding a solitaire, at the core of the bangle.

A dive into these collections is like surging through absolute brilliance of skill and scintillation, exhibited by the rare and exclusive hearts and arrows cut.

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