Cover Apogée necklace in white gold set with tourmalines, tanzanites, aquamarine and diamonds, and Apogée earrings in white gold set with tourmalines, tanzanites, aquamarines and square-cut diamonds from the Stellar Times Collection (Photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

Louis Vuitton’s high jewellery atelier on the Place Vendôme in Paris has embarked on an intergalactic expedition to galaxies far, far away

The ancient Greeks coined the term cosmos in the 6th century BC to describe a universe that is harmonious and impeccably ordered. In an attempt to recreate its heavenly perfection on Earth, humans looked to jewels—finding an other-worldliness in the depth of blue sapphires, the star-like sparkle of diamonds and the Mars-red aura of rubies.

In a journey to the centre of the cosmos, Louis Vuitton’s 90-piece high jewellery collection Stellar Times continues that tradition—fusing exquisite craftsmanship, bold gems and unparalleled creativity to form a constellation whose attraction is totally irresistible.

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The colours of the gemstones lead the collection’s seven themes: sapphire and emerald for Planète Bleue; ruby for Astre Rouge; yellow sapphires for the fiery heart of the solar system Soleils; and pale green indicolite tourmaline for Apogée, the point in the orbit of a heavenly body, especially the moon, at which it is farthest from the Earth. The stones are highlighted with gold and sculpted into contemporary pieces that reflect the desires of the modern woman.

“This theme is inspiring because of the artistic value in stones embodying planets, but I am also fascinated by the immensity of the cosmos, by journeying through space and by this feeling of wonder at all the beauty of the universe,” says Francesca Amfitheatrof, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of jewellery.

On the Lune Blue choker, artisan jewellers spent more than 900 hours crafting Louis Vuitton’s checkerboard pattern in intricate latticework, which centres around a dazzling 10.09 carat sapphire from Madagascar, while in a tribute to the planet Mars, a scatter cuff necklace cascades white diamonds around a beautiful ruby. Symbolising strength, power and the beauty of the sun, the Soleils selection is formed from spectacular Sri Lankan yellow sapphires and diamonds.

Amfitheatrof’s idea for the celestial collection came after the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the first moon landing last year and learning more about the current space explorations. “Some of the best astronauts are now women,” she says. “And very soon we will be able to travel to Mars. The brand reflects these incredible advances, and has always been a daring pioneer in travel and adventure.”

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