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Young go-getters are beginning to spend less on avocado toast and more on jewellery. If you're interested in a similar investment, read on! You may just find your next piece in one of these stores.

They say millennials spend too much money on avocado toast, but we'd like to think that breakfast foods aren't all we're investing in. These days, it's all about gorgeous accessories that are both beautiful and accessible. Shopping for fine jewellery doesn't have to be intimidating, so if you're a young go-getter looking to invest in your first (or nth!) piece, we've got you covered. Here are a handful of local shops that create beautiful jewellery made to last. 

Anzá Studios

Dainty fine jewellery pieces are at the heart of Anzá Studios, whose rings, necklaces, and earrings are all made from solid 14k gold (although some designs have a gold vermeil option). Their minimalist style proves popular amongst clients, whose preferences seem to revolve around simple yet elegant geometric shapes and patterns. There's an apparent inclination towards circles, curved designs, and linear profiles that are incredibly easy to pair with both casual and formal ensembles. 

Anzá Studios also has pieces made with baby diamonds, perfect for those looking for something brilliant without being flashy. 

Anja Stella

Anja Stella takes a modern approach to jewellery by combining a minimalist aesthetic with a few splashes of colour alongside. Their latest Gemstone Collection is a great example of how they've married modernity and fun. Featuring various stones — from opals to sapphires — this curated collection features rings four brightly coloured rings, and a quirky "Evil Eye" capsule collection that features earrings, a necklace, and a ring set with diamonds and sapphires. 

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Love Lily

Love Lily has a diverse range of jewellery that easily accommodates all budgets and lifestyles. While some pieces tiptoe over to the more ostentatious side, these never seem to cross over to being gaudy. In fact, most designs marry luxurious materials together quite well and caters to a variety of tastes, be it in the colour of the gold, the number of the diamonds, and even the size of the rock itself. 

Modern Myth

Modern Myth utilises plenty of eye-catching stones such as sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds. However, their pearly offerings are just as beautiful and mustn't be discounted in any way. They offer beautiful Keshi pearls as earrings, mother-of-pearl pendants, and even adorable rice pearl necklaces. It's a simple yet incredibly stylish way to meet the coming months. 

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Namì has been a lowkey favourite among some of our Tatler friends and why not? Their contemporary designs extend to more than just the usual jewellery staples, making their pieces a fun way to experiment with fashion. Notably, their ear cuffs and climbers, gold plated hair accessories, and men's bangles have become a huge hit for those looking to veer away from the usual array of bracelets and necklaces. 


SUKI Jewellery has been one of the first to label themselves as a millennial brand. While they do have a collection of fun necklaces, bracelets, and pendants, people seem to focus in on their beautiful earrings. And as a brand that refuses to limit itself, SUKI has come out with a collection called Pierced. In it are an array of studs, huggies, prongs, and hoops that are great for people with adventurous ear piercings such as rook, daith, or tragus piercings. 

Dandy Ona

Dandy Ona is among the more whimsical of jewellery brands. Using a wide spectrum of shapes — stars, hearts, and sunbeams to say the least — Dandy Ona creates lighthearted pieces that are perfect for millennials who are also young at heart. Shop their gold vermeil barrettes, floral necklaces, and Filipino inspired earrings today!

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