In its pursuit of a steady supply of top-grade coloured gems, Singapore jeweller Madly extends its sourcing capabilities to Sri Lanka and Tanzania

In less than a decade, homegrown bespoke jeweller Madly has firmly established its expertise in working with an extraordinarily wide variety of high-quality coloured gems, and only the finest 0.1 per cent at that. It has also built up a reputation for bold statement pieces that bring out the best in the gems and their wearers.

The award-winning jeweller has recently set itself apart by opening gem-sourcing offices in Tanzania and Sri Lanka. Both countries are widely known to be important gem-producing countries. Madly can thus acquire gemstones from mine owners and miners, as well as trusted contacts with direct access to the mines.

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With the establishment of these sourcing offices, Madly now gets first dibs on the best gemstones coming out of the regions. But, beyond the ability to secure stones of the finest quality, it now also possesses unprecedented visibility with regard to the gems’ journey from mine to market. Madly’s founder Maddy Barber believes that this “personal touch goes a long way in a business that is very relationship-based”.

This highlights Madly’s belief that the best gems in the world must not only be beautiful, but also ethically mined and sourced. To that end, the jeweller is also a member of the International Coloured Stone Association’s Ethical Accreditation programme, the first of its kind in the coloured gem industry.

For the client, this translates into an assurance that any treatment and enhancement of the gemstone will be fully disclosed, while gems are mined responsibly, traded sustainably and acquired legally. It is also crucial to Madly that local communities benefit from the trade and its activities, rather than being merely drained of their resources by large corporations. Naturally, this move has put Madly in a highly advantageous position, especially with the severely limited gemstone supply in the current market caused by the ongoing pandemic. The two newly established sourcing offices will ensure a continued supply of fine quality gemstones, along with access to a wide array of choices.


The greatest and most exciting find to date by one of these offices is a 57-carat hot-pink-red Mahenge spinel rough. In fact, one of the key reasons why Madly chose to set up an office in Tanzania out of all the possible locations in the world was for its sources of vibrant hot-pink-red spinels—a colour most coveted among Tanzanian spinels. This prized Mahenge spinel rough has been cut into a faceted gem of over 18 carats, which then went on to receive the Platinum Rarity Award from independent gemological research laboratory GRS GemResearch Swisslab. 

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To be awarded such an accolade, the gemstone is compared against the millions that GRS has examined over the last two decades, as well as auction house results over the past 30 years. “It is rare for any jeweller to acquire such a jewel, but what makes it so unusual is that we sourced it ourselves from the rough, cut and polished it, and have full visibility of the stone’s provenance,” shared Barber.

If this amazing gemstone is an indication of the kind of jewels that Madly’s two new gem-sourcing offices can procure, one can expect to be dazzled by some truly spectacular finds that will be highly sought after by jewellery collectors.


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