Inspired by the concept of love, the six-piece ready-to-wear jewellery collection joins B.P.'s line of timeless icons

Diamonds, precious gems and fine Ceylon sapphires—to discerning clients and jewellery connoisseurs, these are what independent luxury label B.P. de Silva Jewellers are best known for. This month, it launches its newest ready-to-wear collection, comprising three styles of necklaces, two styles of earrings and a one-of-a-kind ring that fully embodies the brand's ethos, and honours the concepts of human connection and family ties. 

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Above The Lovedrops signature pearl earrings (Image: B.P. de Silva Jewellers)

For a start, the Lovedrops collection was co-designed with fifth-generation scion and creative director Shanya Amarasuriya as well as design manager Khek Yin. Both designers were situated in New York and Singapore respectively and took over a year to bring the collection to life despite the distance between them. 

The collection marks a new beginning for the jewellery brand as the first that Amarasuriya has helmed creatively. It is also rooted in a simple concept: to showcase how the love that surrounds us has the ability to bring magic to life. Characterised by its intrinsic designs, each piece is inspired by true love stories.

For designers Amarasuriya and Khek, it also stands as a testament to their dream of creating a nostalgic collection despite the distance, making use of three-dimensional printed casts to better visualise the pieces before finalising on a sophisticated collection that weaves in the vintage charm of the old world as well. 

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Above The Lovedrops royal diamond cecklace (Image: B.P. de Silva Jewellers)
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Above The Lovedrops dainty diamond necklace and dainty diamond ring (Image: B.P. de Silva Jewellers)

All pieces from the Lovedrop collection make for perfect gifts as they were designed to remind wearers of loved ones. Each features a combination of diamonds, crafted intricately with either a combination of 18K rose and white gold, or in 18K rose gold altogether. The subtle milgrain jewellery detailing also creates a sophisticated border that surrounds the gems and lends a touch of old world charm—a nod to the depth of emotions and intentionality of each motif. 

If you're looking to elevate any ensemble, the dainty diamond necklace and ring will do just that. The former is made of a 0.26 carat brilliant centre diamond, with surrounding diamonds amounting to 0.11 carats and set in a medley of 18K white and rose golds. The latter holds a 0.26 carat brilliant centre diamond that can be worn as a beautiful engagement ring, or a statement piece when stacked. 

To truly make an entrance, the Lovedrops royal diamond necklace is sure to turn heads at any occasion. It holds a breathtaking 0.71 carat round brilliant centre diamond, with surrounding diamonds that add to 0.30 carats. It can also be worn on your special day as a heirloom piece, passed from mothers to daughters should they wish for their jewellery to hold meaning as a reminder of love. 

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Lovedrops is one of our evergreen darlings, and we want to protect our signature, to ensure that this collection is well archived and always connected to B.P's story.

- Shanya Amarasuriya -

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Above The Lovedrops signature diamond studs (Image: B.P. de Silva Jewellers)

Transform your look from day to night with stunning earrings from the Lovedrops collection. Jewellery fans have two pairs to choose from; the first features a pair of 0.50 carat round brilliant centre diamonds, while the second comes with an additional pair of 15mm white south sea pearls—a regal touch to further elevate your look. 

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View the full B.P. Lovedrops collection here

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