Cover Shanghai-born jewellery designer, Yi Guo

The Shanghai-born jewellery designer on celebrity styling and finding inspiration from nature

Tell us about the Flora & Fauna collection.

It’s my latest collection, for which geometric, floral designs are made to feel modern. The shapes are very colourful and unique.

What inspires you?

Gemstones. Jewellery ideas form when I play with them and compare their different shapes, colours and proportions.

What is your opinion on the jewellery industry in Asia?

Fine jewellery has been a part of Asia’s culture for centuries. Most women have their own jewellers. More modern fine jewellery designers such as myself are few and far between, but we’re slowly increasing in number.

What’s your first memory of jewellery?

My mother gave me an amethyst- and diamond-set pendant and matching ring when I was 13 years old. I remember the set so clearly: it featured a beautiful swirl design.

Yellow or white gold?

Yellow gold.

Sapphires or emeralds?


What trends should we look out for?

Heart-shaped jewellery is going to become increasingly popular.

Who would you love to design for?

Charlize Theron.

Which celebrity are you most proud of having worn your jewellery?

What kind of women wear your jewellery?

They are modern and cool, with a slight edge.

Tell us about the first jewellery piece you ever designed.

It was a gemstone-set chain ring.

If you weren’t a jeweller, what would you be?

I wouldn’t be anything else. Although I used to be a fashion editor and stylist.

Where will you travel to first when restrictions ease?

Bangkok to buy more gemstones.

How have you spent the last year?

I've been in Shanghai. A lot of places are open here, but I’ve chosen to be at home most of the time.

What music are you listening to?

Billie Holiday.

What TV shows are you bingeing?

Bridgerton and Peaky Blinders.

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