Cover London-based jewellery designer, Theodora Warre

The London-based designer, who established her eponymous label in 2014, tells us everything we need to know about crystal jewellery

What do we need to know about buying crystal jewellery?

Trust your instincts and get pieces that you’re instantly drawn to. I believe that crystals hold different energies, so they resonate differently with different wearers. How crystal jewellery makes you feel is as important as how it looks.

Why are crystals popular?

We’ve all experienced tough times over the last several months and people are exploring alternative ways to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Many people believe crystals hold healing powers.

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What’s a common misconception?

Some people don’t think crystal jewellery can be classed as ‘fine jewellery’, but some crystals are incredibly rare and can be more valuable than lesser-quality precious stones.

How should we maintain crystal jewellery?

It’s important to clean and wash crystals in water regularly. I like to leave mine outside in saltwater under a full moon. Most crystal jewellery—mine included—is set in silver, which tarnishes with time. Use a silver-polishing cloth to keep yours sparkling.

What kind of properties does crystal jewellery have?

Each crystal has its own unique properties. For example, amethyst is widely known for its protective qualities while rose quartz has long been associated with love.

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