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The jeweller has created a capsule collection, inspired by yin and yang, for Sotheby’s Diamonds

When were you first introduced to jewellery?

I was about six or seven years old and had strung together a bracelet made of plastic pearls and gold beads. I didn’t know what a clasp was, so tied it onto my mother’s wrist. She took it to the jewellers and had it replicated with small Akoya pearls and gold beads with a proper clasp.

Tell us about your new capsule collection.

Nature has always been a powerful source of inspiration for my jewellery. I’ve designed ten pieces that are set with stunning diamonds. Each gemstone is so precious, I decided to design unique settings for each piece to ensure I did the stones justice.

Do you have a favourite piece?

It would have to be the rose-cut Cocoon ring, which features a 4.50-carat D-quality diamond.

Why did you collaborate with Sotheby's Diamonds?

I've been an admirer of Sotheby's Diamonds since its inception. The brand has set itself apart in the world of important jewellery, and combines exceptional gemstones with distinctively modern designs that are set using unparalleled craftsmanship. I'm truly honoured to be one of many collaborators, such as Eliane Fattal, Lily Gabriella and Joseph Ramsay.

What jewellery trends should we look out for next year?

Clients no longer want to save important diamonds for special occasions. They want more contemporary styles that can be worn during the day.

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