Cover Bombshell Wish Upon A Star music box necklace set with a blue spinel, chrome tourmalines, and diamonds by Simone Jewels

To understand and appreciate the success that Simone Jewels has had, one needs only to study its unique approach to high jewellery

What does it take for an independent jeweller to stay on top of its game? Anyone seeking answers will be well served by taking a page out of Simone Jewels’ book. The brand has, after all, gone from strength to strength since its founding, with nary a sign of slowing down. Along the way, it’s also received numerous accolades, and earned a reputation for dressing celebrities and nobility alike. With its increasing scope of activities over the years, the brand looks well-positioned to continue its ascent in the years ahead.

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A Unique Proposition

Simone Jewels was off to a roaring start from the get-go. Established in 2006 by eponymous founder Simone Ng, the label launched its inaugural collection of 20 pieces at a private event and promptly sold half of them within 30 minutes.

This should come as no surprise given Ng’s unique sensibility in jewellery design, which has been honed since young. Her paternal grandfather was a jeweller who owned a chain of stores across Malaysia, while her maternal grandparents would often bring back various gemstones from their travels. Ng’s mother was an avid jewellery designer who kindled a similar passion in her daughter. Familial influences also inform Ng’s designs to compose these Storied Gems in other ways, such as her penchant for featuring coloured gemstones.

Beyond Ng’s distinctive sense of aesthetics, Simone Jewels has set itself apart with its approach to jewellery making. For a start, every single creation from the brand is a pièce unique, with literally nothing else like it in the world. This doesn’t just guarantee exclusivity, but also embodies the ideal that each piece has been specially crafted solely for its specific owner.

Labelling Simone Jewels’ creations as “jewellery pieces” is arguably a misnomer. Ng’s works are better approached as wearable, interactive art that invites closer examination and admiration. Past highlights include a pendant that plays music, transformable pieces that can be worn in different ways, and even playful ones with gems hiding in secret compartments.

Of course, the pieces themselves aren’t random. Instead, each creation belongs to larger themed collection; Ng has drawn inspiration from diverse sources such as the friendship between the Kangxi emperor and Louis XIV, as well as three poems—one each from Keats, Shakespeare, and Shelley.

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Going Further

Simone Jewels has grown in size and scope over time. To complement its core business, the label launched Jouer by Simone in 2019 to offer customisable fine jewellery. A second diffusion label, Sincerely Simone, followed earlier this year to focus on wedding jewellery.

In 2019, the brand also introduced its own app, which allows clients to register ownership of their jewellery pieces, while also serving as a virtual jewellery box.

This homegrown jeweller has grown to become an international label while staying true to its raison d’être of crafting unique wearable art. There’s much to look forward to in the years ahead, one dazzling creation at a time.

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