Cover Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

The legendary New York jewellery house’s latest collection is intended to serve as an irreverent everyday celebration of a woman’s accomplishments

Founded in 1837, Tiffany & Co. is a jeweller with a long, rich heritage. Nevertheless, Tiffany has always been a luxury house with a firm grasp of contemporary culture. From its work in the 1970s and ’80s with the likes of Elsa Peretti and Paloma Picasso, or cutting-edge architect Frank Gehry, through to recent collaborations with Dover Street Market, A$AP Ferg, Elle Fanning and Maddie Ziegler, the maison has consistently remained in tune with the zeitgeist.

Since being appointed Tiffany’s chief artistic officer in 2017, Reed Krakoff has made it his mission to ensure the company is keenly aligned with the values and aesthetics of the 21st century. “At Tiffany, we are looking to redefine what modern luxury means, which in my mind is about living with beautiful things every day, really making exquisite things part of your life and personal style,” Krakoff explains.

It’s an approach that is palpable in the Everyday Objects collection Krakoff has created to great acclaim. Here, quotidian items such as flowerpots, paper cups, clothespins and tape measures are crafted in sterling silver and other precious materials, turning the stuff of everyday living into joyous luxury objects. This philosophy flows through to Krakoff’s new T1 line—an evolution of the Tiffany T collection launched six years ago.

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“The Tiffany T1 collection embodies Tiffany’s heritage of innovation and creating jewellery that is timeless,” Krakoff explains. “I was inspired by our historical use of the ‘T’ motif that has been featured in Tiffany jewellery since the 1980s. The goal was to evolve the ‘T’ motif into a new bold symbol that felt very modern,” he says. “It’s a reimagining of our iconic motif as one continuous design, an unbroken circle featuring a bevelled edge, angular surface and a multi-faceted finish.”

T1 was imagined as a collection a Tiffany client would treat herself to rather than something that would be purchased by another as a gift or gesture. “Tiffany T1 designs combine the letter ‘T’ and the number one—symbolising both Tiffany and one’s connection to themselves,” Krakoff elaborates. “It is a reminder of our individual strength and celebrates the maverick within all of us.”

This collection is meant as a talisman of one’s own accomplishments—and it’s meant to be worn at any time, for both dates of distinction or during the daily routine, dressed up or down. Design savant Krakoff, who made his name transforming Coach from a bijou leather goods house to a luxury giant, says he “had this idea of creating something that looks sexier, edgier and more irreverent” than previous collections.

“We also included high jewellery designs as part of the Tiffany T1 collection, which to me, expresses the idea that luxury should be effortless and can be worn even very casually, so that they become a part of your life,” Krakoff says. “Even things that are very precious can be worn every day with an off-handed attitude and a sense of irreverence.” The finest diamond-encrusted pieces, Krakoff believes, can and should “be worn every day as a celebration of yourself.”

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As Krakoff says, the collection comprises everything from accessible treats to lavish haute-joiallerie. Regardless of the number of zeros on the price tag, however, quality and craftsmanship remain a constant across the board. “When we were creating the Tiffany T1 collection, we realised it had to live up to and be worthy of the Tiffany name—of being the best, something that people think of when they think of the ultimate way to celebrate themselves,” Krakoff says.

The values T1 sets out to embody are strength, independence and power—qualities Krakoff identified in the leading models chosen to represent the collection: Vittoria Ceretti, Adut Akech and Freja Beha Erichsen. “It’s always inspiring to create designs and envision the type of person whose spirit and sensibility it expresses perfectly,” he says. “Today, so many women are at the forefront of change and are powerful voices in their communities. We wanted to design something that really felt bold, strong and inspired by their strength.” Job done—to a T.

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