Cover Tiffany & Co. 80-carat, D color, internally flawless diamond inspired by necklace from the 1939 World’s Fair (Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.)

The stunning necklace design will feature a sustainably sourced 80-carat diamond—the second largest Tiffany diamond to date

Tiffany & Co. has announced today that it has recently acquired an exceptional D-colour oval diamond that surpasses 80 carats. Responsibly sourced in Botswana, Africa, the acquisition will be set in a necklace inspired by an archival high jewellery necklace that premiered at the 1939 World’s Fair.

The finished piece will be showcased in 2022 in tandem with the fully renovated Fifth Avenue flagship in New York City. And while the specific design will not be unveiled until next year, it’s expected to be the most expensive diamond to ever be offered by the New York-based jewellery house—the only larger piece being the 128.54 carat diamond that was worn by Audrey Hepburn (and was never for sale).

“What better way to mark the opening of our transformed Tiffany flagship store in 2022 than to reimagine this incredible necklace from the 1939 World’s Fair, one of our most celebrated pieces when we opened our doors on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue for the first time,” said Victoria Reynolds, Tiffany & Co. Chief Gemologist in a press release. “The new necklace perfectly reflects our brand heritage as a New York luxury jeweller, whose founder was known as the ‘King of Diamonds.’”

While the original Tiffany’s masterpiece may have been conceptualised over eighty years ago to dazzle the 44 million viewers of the 1939 World’s Fair and its “World of Tomorrow,” the thought process behind the new design has a similar motive: to dream of a better and more effervescent future while celebrating what will be a historic moment for the Tiffany’s brand.

Interested in acquiring more information on the exquisite necklace design? While the exact price of the exquisite piece has yet to be revealed, it’s expected to be upwards of eight figures.

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