Cover The Pebble Pod combines fashion with functionality (Photo: Courtesy of MISHO)

Say goodbye to losing your AirPods because these pod earrings will hold them in place

An antidote for AirPod users who always misplace or worse, lose their pods is here––the Pebble Pods. Designed by London-based jewellery designer, MISHO, the pod earrings are created to hold your wireless earphones in place.

Creative director, Suhani Parekh drew inspiration from their best selling pebble rings to design the pod earrings, which is not only great for a fashion statement but also acts as a support for your pods and even catch them when they accidentally slip out.

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Upping your daily look no matter the occasion, Parekh created three designs to match your outfit––two sports-inspired styles called the Minimal/Active Tall and Minimal/Active Tiny Pods and one statement for everyday wear, the Pebble Pod.

The Pebble Pod has a chunky body that wraps around the headphone to secure it. The Minimal Active Tall pods bears a curved body, are designed to easily slip in and out without a mirror. The Minimal/Tiny Pod have a smaller curved design providing a discrete active-wear look.

"They're a versatile pair of earrings and look super with or without the [AirPods] on," said MISHO.

The Pod Earrings will launch at Lane Crawford China and Hong Kong in November 2020.

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